Sunday, December 9, 2012

The World Just Made More Room For Heaven

So......the story of Ryan. Last Tuesday, the 20th...we were out and about as a family, starting on some Christmas shopping, and Pete and I were getting our Pertussis vaccinations to be ready to go get our baby in December. At 11:06 a.m. that morning, our adoption worker texted me "Today may be delivery day! :D" I texted back "Whoa! Is she in UT?" She told me she had just landed and was being
taken via ambulance to the hospital. At 11:56 a.m. I got another text that said "False labor...but maybe she will go soon. It's better to be prepared. At least she made it to UT." So they sent her home. I got a call from our worker close to 5 p.m. that day that said "She had an ultrasound, they are both's a boy!" *crickets chirping* I was afraid that she was going to tell us that because he was a boy, that they would be giving this "situation" to a family who had been waiting for a boy. But she said we could either adopt him...or be placed back on the "the list" for a girl. I said " family and I will have a prayer and call you back. She asked that we call her back soon, so that if she needed to notify another family, that Ryan would have a family ready for him when he was born. I hung up the phone...cried for about 5 minutes as I looked around the room at all the pink and green exploded EVERYWHERE, knowing that we had gotten rid of every boy thing we had...called my best friend Heather and asked for her prayers and then prayed with my family. Even before we prayed, Pete and I both said, almost at the same time..."This is our baby...are we really shallow enough to not take him because he's a boy?" Our simultaneous answer to that question was "No! Of course not!" All along we'd prayed that Heavenly Father would help us find "our baby", and here he was! It was meant to be! So...we both discussed that we knew Ryan was to be ours and that this meant Heavenly Father had decided that it wasn't Bryn's turn to come yet. For those of you who knew that I get a little picture in the back of my mind of the kiddos that are missing from our family...this whole situation would explain the fact that I kept seeing Brynleigh as looking like a completely different kiddo, for about the last month before he was born. I just shrugged it off like "Hmmm....that's kinda' nutty!" :D So, Ryan was born on the 21st. We were told that his birth mother had chosen not to meet us and so we shouldn't come til' Friday, because that would be the first day we could have access to him. (She left Friday morning.) Because Jace had staples that needed removing, Pete stayed here with the kiddo's so he could get him to that appointment, and I flew out with my dear friend, Heather on Friday morning.

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