Sunday, April 1, 2012

And She Pondered These Things In Her Heart

  I have been filled to overflowing, by my experiences listening to, watching and participating in General Conference this weekend!  Oh how I love Conference!  It is a lifeline to heaven, for me!  I feel as though Heavenly Father has placed words into the minds and hearts of the speakers, which are directly for me and my little family!  As I thought of how these inspired words filled me...I immediately thought of Mary, Mother of Jesus.  I SO desire, to ponder on all these things and keep them in my heart, to be called up when life's situations have need of them!  I took pretty good notes, so that I can feast on them until the conference issue of the Ensign, comes out!

  This time, when I was writing my notes, I really tried to pay careful attention not just to the actual words that were said, but also to the promptings I felt from the Holy Ghost, about how those things apply specifically to our family!  It was a superb way of learning, for me!  It's late this evening, and I must get some shut eye while the babes slumber...but I will share my notes with you hopefully later this week.  Speaking of this week...if is Easter week!  I plan to have an amazingly inspirational week with our children!  Don't know yet, all that we will do...but I know that it will be blessed by our Heavenly Father, because I have such a strong desire for Him to sanctify the things we do and learn about this week!  I'll let you know how it goes! :0)


  1. your words are so inspiring! I hope you are getting unpacked, and feeling spiritually edified, and getting sleep, and eating some chocolate once in a while. :) You sure do have a lot on your plate. It's amazing what can be accomplished with Heaven's help!

  2. Yes - I too learn more from my notes if I write my inspirations rather than just the words. I hope to implement some things in our lives as well, but I found some of previous decisions were re-affirmed as correct.