Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!!

Whew!  I've got access to my email again, and I've gotten my blog back!  I thought I'd lost it forever, and that was a sad thought for me!  I don't write here often, but what I share is a journal of my life's experiences, and more importantly, of the experiences of my children and my family!  I am grateful to have it restored to me again!  Getting your email hacked, isn't cool!

  We had a great day of homeschooling today!  Today was day one of our Old Testament Timeline from  It's really cool, and the kids are excited about it!  I know we will learn a lot together this year!  They have this little chant or what they call History In Action, which puts an action, picture and saying, with each story!  It's a fun way for them to remember history! Today we covered, the creation, Adam and Eve, Enoch and Noah!  We made a trip to the public library, earlier this week, and the kids all picked out a few books they are interested in, so we just so happen to have some books about Giraffe's, Wolves and Chipmunk's, which will go along with our Noah's Ark studies!  Should be fun!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

And She Pondered These Things In Her Heart

  I have been filled to overflowing, by my experiences listening to, watching and participating in General Conference this weekend!  Oh how I love Conference!  It is a lifeline to heaven, for me!  I feel as though Heavenly Father has placed words into the minds and hearts of the speakers, which are directly for me and my little family!  As I thought of how these inspired words filled me...I immediately thought of Mary, Mother of Jesus.  I SO desire, to ponder on all these things and keep them in my heart, to be called up when life's situations have need of them!  I took pretty good notes, so that I can feast on them until the conference issue of the Ensign, comes out!

  This time, when I was writing my notes, I really tried to pay careful attention not just to the actual words that were said, but also to the promptings I felt from the Holy Ghost, about how those things apply specifically to our family!  It was a superb way of learning, for me!  It's late this evening, and I must get some shut eye while the babes slumber...but I will share my notes with you hopefully later this week.  Speaking of this week...if is Easter week!  I plan to have an amazingly inspirational week with our children!  Don't know yet, all that we will do...but I know that it will be blessed by our Heavenly Father, because I have such a strong desire for Him to sanctify the things we do and learn about this week!  I'll let you know how it goes! :0)