Friday, March 23, 2012


  I have decided that moving is difficult!  It's wonderful, but extremely burdensome!  My poor husband has exhausted himself moving everything from place to place and it makes me sad to see him so tired and worn out!  He is such a good man!  He does SO MUCH for me and the children!  Speaking of the children, they are some of the most patient individuals on the planet!  It is not very fun to wake up each morning, to more boxes that need unpacking and unloading.  They have handled this move with grace and sweetness!  They amaze me!

  Our new neighbors amaze me too!  I was told that from us on back down to the end of the street, on our side of the street, we are all members of the church!  Wow!  That's pretty cool and totally exciting to me!  I have been visited no less than 9 people/families who came to welcome us to the neighborhood and say "Hello!"  Totally amazing and completely awesome!  I am SO excited to be potentially living in the same kind of neighborhood that my parents live in...everyone knows everyone, watches out for one another, brings treats and flowers to say hello and genuinely wants to be friendly and kind!  This MY KIND OF NEIGHBORHOOD!  I am seriously excited about it! :0)

  I must say, that I feel a bit like a fish out of water!  I have always considered myself to be one who rolls with change pretty easily.  After all...there are no 2 days that are the same, when you are a homeschooling, special needs family of beautiful, adopted, medically fragile cuteness!  Change is our middle name around here.  But this move has happened slowly and without rhyme or reason, in lots of ways.  We have been without our library of books, for the past 3 months.  We have worked hard to clean and pack the home we just moved from, and have worked hard to clean and move into that home we just came to!  Exhausting work, I tell you!  I suppose all things happen for a reason, for example, I think Heavenly Father wanted to teach us to truly appreciate the great, classic works which adorn our bookshelves, and which we have not appreciated like we should!  Lesson learned, there! we find ourselves moving into new, uncharted territory again!

   I've prayed for simplicity and a clear understanding, as I embark to inspire greatness in our family!  I continuously pray for the wherewithal to engage in my own education, that I might be an example and that I might motivate the cause of freedom and virtue in our family!  I continuously pray that I won't completely screw my family up, the way so many naysayers apparently hope that I will!  (If only they knew how hurtful their words can be sometimes!)  I pray that we won't stand still, in our pursuit of a Leadership Education!  I pray that we will be moved by what we read, write, study, discuss and learn!  I pray, that the children will move through the proper phases of a good leadership education...that I will nurture them through that movement, and that they will come through their youth with a love for learning and work, and that they will still love me as their mother, in the process!  I pray that my precious husband, will have success in his sought for college education...that he can meet his aspirations head on, and feel righteous pride in his accomplishments!  I pray that he will know of my great love for him...that I will adequately express it to him daily, amidst the many things on my plate!  I pray that the children will express their great love to him also, and that he will know how important he is in their lives!  I pray to be humble and submissive, amidst the changes that are coming for us all!

  I want so badly, to leave the world at our doorstep!  The world is not for me and not for my family...and yet it still pulls at us in ways that are so subtle and sneaky!  If I'm being honest, it makes me just a bit angry!  I am really disappointed in what I see, when I take a look at the way the world is going right now (and has been going for quite some time!)  It is heart wrenching to me!  I want to move as far away from it as humanly possible!  I have said it before, and I'll say it again!  I feel such a pull toward simplicity!  I'm talking, living like the pioneers did...working hard to provide for basic that could move mountains...none of the worldly distractions that so easily beset me...a very "less is more" way of life!   Their lives were SO difficult, in ways that we cannot fathom, and yet I know that they look down on us from Heaven, shocked at the many difficulties we deal with here, which did not exist during their time.  I want to have pioneer faith!

  I don't know why I get so easily distracted from my goals!  I am hard on myself, but with good reason!  There is so much I don't do like I should!  I have such a desire to be like Jesus live and love as He did!  I want to move closer to Him!  I want to move my ideals and desires, into alignment with His desires for me!  I feel so inadequate!  I fall short daily!  I want to better understand His atoning sacrifice for me, that I can learn what it means to truly cast my burdens on Him!  I want to change my heart!  I want to let the Savior change my heart!  I don't want to stand still any longer!  We all know that when you stand still, you are only going backwards slowly!

  I've got a lot of praying to do!  (I pretty much have a lot of praying to do, all the time!) :0)  Satan likes to make me feel uneasy, discontent and doubtful about my abilities to perform my mission in this life; that of teaching and raising our children up righteously before the Lord!  I'd really like to make him a knuckle sandwich...with a sour pickle on the side!  I'd like him to move out of my way...THAT'S what I'd like!  :)

  I've been thinking lately, about living a more intentional life!  Being purposeful about all of the essentials that should be done, and making sure that those things have room to work in our lives!  I want to do something moving, inspiring and uplifting...or as Emma Smith would say, something extraordinary!  I think I'll move to my knees now, and tell Heavenly Father everything I just wrote!  Peace out! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Belated Blogs about Birthdays

Since getting back on Facebook, my blogging has gone downhill.  I plan to become better at it again.  Anyway...Luv Bug had her 7th birthday in December, and Cuddle Bug had his birthday in February.  We went to Joe's Farmhouse Grill for Luv's birthday supper and she got lots of fun gifts including a cute stuffed bear,from Pete and I and also a mini baby and crib,( to name a few gifts she got.) For Cuddle's birthday fun, we went to the zoo!  He also got some Star Wars guys and a space ship for them!  He turned 6 this year. 
  I can't believe how fast they're all growing up!  =D We love you, Luv and Cuddle!

Random Thoughts from Ladybug

We interrupt our regularly scheduled study session, to bring you "Random Thoughts from Ladybuuuuuug!". Tonight she asked the following question, in this way:
"Mom...Chuck E. Cheese is Chinese?"
And ther hou have it folks!  (She is referring to the last time we went there, in Nov. 2010 for her biological half sister's birthday party.) =D