Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Intentional Living

My thoughts as of late, have been drawn to the New Year that is coming. Not to downgrade the beauty and wonder of Christmastime, by any means...but to have some time to plan and prepare for greatness as a family this next year, so that life doesn't just happen to us. I find myself thinking about what ways I can be intentional as a wife, intentional as a mother, and in what ways we can be intentional as a family this upcoming year! Scripture Study will by my main, personal focus in 2012. I have felt for a little while now, that my area of study needs to be focused on the scriptures. Everyone's life is difficult. Mine is no exception. Every time I think that I need to focus on something else, I am drawn back to gospel learning with my family. It makes perfect sense, really. The only way I will be able to get through the riggers of life, is to anchor myself to The Anchor, Himself! 2012 will be the year of Gospel Learning for my family! I am prayerfully searching for the way and means by which this important work should be accomplished. I so desperately want to be successful in my homeschooling efforts with the children this year! I pray for Heavenly Father's guidance and love as I seek to continually know His will, for what and how to inspire the children, and I know that those answers will come, as I seek to keep myself close to His spirit, and as I seek to become a scholar of the scriptures. That will take a lifetime to accomplish, but I know that every effort I make, will bring me and my family that much closer to knowing Him and His ways. I feel so strongly, that I must find a way of keeping better track of the areas of inspiration for each of our children. This is easier said than done. I don't want to put my family on a conveyor belt, but need to find some way to balance out what they are learning. Much prayer is continually required, for me to know how to do this! I feel a pull, to set aside a few hours on a Saturday go to a peaceful place, with my scriptures, my pen and a notebook and ask Heavenly Father to just fill up my mind with His will for our family and with the ideas and inspiration as to how to accomplish it. This, I must do...and sometime soon! I know that my problem in the past, has been that I don't stay diligent in my study of His word, and then I lose my way. The first part of our year will likely be chaotic due to a move to a new home, along with the normal doctor's appointments, a couple of upcoming surgeries for some of the children, homeschooling, etc. But I'm going to plan ahead, to overcome the chaos of it all. I think I might plan a booklist for Read-Aloud's this year, as well as a method for morning devotional, gospel study and life skills. I'd like to encourage the children to keep a journal this year, and I'd like to attend some cultural events such as music concerts, museums and maybe incorporate some real nature study this year too! Ramble...ramble...ramble. That's what I do best! LOL :0) This post is more for me than anything, but if any of my readers have any suggestions or insights they'd like to share, I'd be open to them! :0) Lastly, I want to bear my testimony. If there is anything I am learning, it's that life is full of a million different choices. It's full of a million different distractions too, and it's difficult to keep your focus when they get out of hand. I am grateful for a loving and all knowing Father in Heaven. I am grateful for His guidance and wisdom, and for the scriptures. I am so grateful for The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for His perfect love and example! I am so grateful for a living prophet, President Monson, and for great leaders and teachers. I am grateful for Joseph Smith, and for my pioneer heritage. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a Celestial family, and for the opportunity to be a wife and a mother to a wonderful husband and precious children. I am grateful for new beginnings and for the opportunity to start again! It is my prayer that I can receive increased focus, vision and insight for the upcoming year, that I can live intentionally and on purpose, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Facebook Post This Evening and My Testimony of Pioneers and My Family Legacy!

Funnies for today: Ladybug put her underwear on over her jammie pants (which were on over her pull-up) and wore them like that for an hour or two. Luv Bug wanted to know how many months she's been alive, so we sat down to have an impromptu math lesson (the best kind of math lesson in my opinion.) I asked her if she knew how to skip count and she said "Yep! I can skip count by ones!" LOL :0) And all of the children said their favorite part of 17 Miracles was when Albert said "If you see a wolf walkin' around with one eye...that's the one I got!" LOL I loved snuggling with Wiggle as we watched, and I loved that Cuddle Bug said he was a hard worker when he sorted out his own laundry to fold! I loved sweet smelling hugs from my Snug-a-Bug! Oh that Heavenly Father will help them not to grow up too fast, so that I can relish the joys they bring to me as their mother! Oh how I LOVED the movie 17 Miracles! I cried and cried through the whole thing and just sat and watched in awe at the trials and hardships that these amazing Saints of God endured for me! I am so proud of and honored by my pioneer heritage. I have such a desire to help them all receive their temple blessings! That is going to be my New Years Resolution. I want to go to the Temple at least once a month next year! (Twice a month or more would be awesome!) I am so grateful to live in a day when technology allows us to walk in the shoes of those who have gone before us, via the making of wonderful productions such as this movie! The beautiful music and wonderful acting were truly sanctified by our Heavenly Father, for the strengthening and uplifting of our testimonies! As I watched this movie, I just wanted to get to the temple and make sure that all those who are still waiting to receive their own temple endowment and other temple ordinances, get that opportunity. I was especially touched by the sweet couple who never married, but who were waiting to be sealed together in the temple when they reached Zion. He never made it there. He died on the trail and she had him buried in a tree so the wolves wouldn't get him. But President James E. Faust had them sealed to one another in something like 1987. Such a special story! I wonder how many other couples there were with similar circumstances. How blessed I feel, to be living the life I am living. My life is hard. Each of our lives are filled with trials, difficulties and challenges. I am learning to be grateful for each trial. I know that blessings await us not only after the trials but often times in the midst of them. I hope that I can leave a legacy of faith for my children and my children's children and all of my posterity. I hope that through my imperfect example, I can somehow impart to them all, my unwavering love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I want my husband to know of my undying love for him! He truly is my Eternal Companion! We have the beautiful family that we have, because it is our Heavenly Father's will that we be together for eternity. How blessed I am to have each of my children and to be sealed to their father and each of them, as a Celestial family for eternity. I cannot wait to meet these brave and faithful pioneers who sacrificed their all for the building of the Kingdom of God!