Monday, August 29, 2011

FB Post this evening! :0)

Josh was singing nonsense words today and I said "You're singing words that don't even exist," to which he replied "But I'm pretending they exist, Mom!" Then...I had asked Lynz to sit at the table and calm down and a few minutes later, she gets up and says "Mom...I'm blue in the face now!" I guess I say that to my other kiddo's a lot...for example "You can whine about folding laundry til' you're blue in the face but it will still be there when your done! I LOVE my kiddo's and their cuteness! :0)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Lately I've been SO super busy planning for our commonwealth school, that I can't see straight! We named it Liber Leaders and it's going to be completely awesome! I am team teaching a Music and Movement class. ( I already affectionately refer to my little 2 and 3 year old students as my M&M's.) I will also be teaching a dance class in the afternoons, as I grew up dancing, competing and performing my whole life. Haven't had my dancin' shoes on in a few years, but I'm excited to do it again! Snug and Luv will be doing Knights of Liberty and Liberty Belle's. Cuddle and Wiggle will be doing Book Play and Fun Phonics together, and Miss Lady will be in my class as a fellow M&M'er!

As part of the group, we have also started a colloquium for adults, entitled Liber Lads and Ladies! This is by far, one of the things I am most excited about! I know that I am going to learn and grow SO much, from this experience! This will be my first colloquium and I can't wait! We will be meeting once a month, instead of once a week, so this will be more reasonable for my schedule! I can't wait to read, write and discuss it all with our group! Our first book of course, will be A Thomas Jefferson Education, and I am excited to read it again! It's been a while!

I also feel like I've finally arrived, when it comes to having a plan for our learning season, this year! I had decided a few weeks ago, to teach the children about a time period in history, through a study of our ancestors, and then was re-inspired to do that when I watched a short video that Nicholeen Peck had on her site the other day. In doing some family research about Mr.'s side of the family, I have found out that he is related to Anson Call, who was a great supporter and friend to the Prophet Joseph Smith, as well as Brigham Young. I have been reading his autobiography today and just soaking it all in. It's even cooler to realize that he could possibly have known my 6th great grandfather, John Tanner, who was also a friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the church. I have yet to find where their paths may have crossed, IF they crossed at all, but I know circles were smaller in the church back then, and it's a real possibility! I am excited to share some amazing stories, ideas and projects with the children, all inspired by pioneer ancestors on both sides of our family, who really lived and loved the gospel! I'll let you know how our learning season goes, but I can already tell we're onto something good! :0)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Makin' Bread

That's what we'll be doing today...making bread! If I am strong enough, I may even end up getting the wheat grinder down, for some hand-cranked wheat. It's SO HARD to use that thing though! I think it even hurts Mr. Man's hands to use it! We really ought to buy an electric wheat grinder...we just figured we ought to have the one that wasn't dependent on electricity. Who knows...maybe while we're at it, we'll throw in some homemade soft pretzels, some yummy dinner rolls and maybe some hot dog or hamburger buns just for fun! Or...maybe we won't. (That all of a sudden sounds exhausting!)

I am sitting here waiting for kiddo's to get their morning basics done. Why is it SO hard for them to get in gear every morning?? It's starting to drive me just a little bonkers! I have felt strongly prompted to concentrate on spiritual learning for our mornings, but can't seem to get them to complete their morning basics in any normal amount of time! We are really having the hardest time getting our morning routine not to take forever! Ugh! I might have to go back to the drawing board with this one! :0)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear Drama~

We can't be friends anymore!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I LOVED this quote today! :0)

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me."
Erma Bombeck

Monday, August 1, 2011

Funny Family Night

We are studying and trying to memorize The Living Christ, one small section at a time. (check out Discover the Scriptures for some awesome visuals for this.) Anyway...I always take each section and make a lesson out of it, by asking or explaining about what it all means. We were on the 3rd section today. We talked about how the Savior would teach using parables and some of the people did not understand what He was trying to teach them. To illustrate this point, we talked about the parable of the Talents. I told the story and explained that we should share the gifts Heavenly Father has given, with others and that if we do they will multiply and bless others and ourselves. I used the example of poetry, since I write poetry. That got all of the children excited about poetry and they each wanted to share their poems. So here's what they talked about:

Cuddle: Humpty Dumpty sat on a Fence
Luv: There was an old man who sat on a tree.
Lady: Ladybug Ladybug
Snug: Once there was a cowboy
Wiggle: The Pig that rolled in the mud.

As you can imagine, their poems/stories were FABULOUS and very animated! I told them we could talk more about poetry this week! It should be fun! We had a nice discussion about Jesus Christ and His mission in life! :0)

"Mom...Why You Put Underwear On My Head?"

For starters...I did NOT put underwear on any of our children's heads. But Miss Ladybug did ask me that question this morning. I am still laughing about it. :0) Last night we got a doozy of a rain storm. The sound on the windowpanes was AWESOME! That is...unless you were Ladybug. When it started really raining hard, I knew I better go in to check on her and see how she was handling it, since she hates loud noises. Sure enough, poor thing was laying her little body completely sideways across her pillow, with both hands on her ears and her eyes shut tight. When I tried to pull a hand away she opened her eyes a little startled and said in a loud voice "It too woud(loud) Mom!" and then put her hand back on her ear and closed those eyes tight again. So...I did what any good mom does, I improvised some ear muffs. I went in my room and got my terry cloth hair headband that I use when I'm taking my makeup off. I folded a sock (doubled up) for each ear and then put the headband around her head and Wa-La...instant noise reduction. When the storm stopped and she had fallen asleep, I went in and took the rigging off so whe would be a little more comfortable. It just cracks me up that in the dark of her room she thought I had put a pair of underwear around her head. LOL :0) Ya' gotta' love her!