Monday, January 31, 2011

Ladybug's Family Prayer for the Evening...

"Dear Harry Potter, Be Quiet, Go to sleep, Amen!"

So, there ya' go! From the mouths of babes! :0)


How to make a Cardboard Box Oven!

"Energy Drain!", Empathy and Climbing the Ladder

In need of a new trick or two to put in my parenting pockets, I looked up Love and Logic on You Tube the other day. I had taken one class at a RS mtng. years ago. They have a bunch of short videos from a couple of different guys from Love and Logic,which was just enough info. for me. So the first trick up my sleeve, is what they call a generic consequence. It has been hard to get my kids to do an extra chore when they earn one, simply because I'm still working on trying to get them to do their regular chores. So when they do, or don't do something, and their behavior makes for a negative situation, I just simply say "Oh...Energy Drain!" (And I put my hands on my head like I have a headache.) Then I say "What are you going to do to put my energy back?" They always look at my like "I don't know, Mom!" If they don't offer any suggestions (which they rarely do), I say something like "Well, some kids like to scrub the bathtub, to put their mom's energy back...or some kids like to re-organize the kitchen Tupperware cupboard before they go out to play, or some kids like to just take a looooong nap, before outdoor play time." Then I ask them what it's going to be. I am amazed at how many times this just turns around their behavior completely, and they do what they need to, to fix the problem. It's great, I don't have to sit and think up an appropriate consequence, and life goes on. Another trick I found from Love and Logic, is just to have sincere empathy for them. Whenever one of my kids come to tattle on someone, or come to me because they've miraculously forgotten how to make their bed or brush their teeth, even though they do it just fine every other day...I just say "Oh, it's hard to brush your teeth, isn't it? What are you going to do?" Then I leave the ball in their court, making sure they know I care and that I am confident they can figure it out, and then I keep going about my day!" Then...if they take too long with their "pity party", I gently remind them that I am worried that if they take too long trying to accomplish this or that, I'm afraid it's going to drain my energy and they're going to have to find a way to put it back. So's working pretty great! I'll keep you updated about how it goes!

P.S. I think, with our Heavenly Ladder, we are going to start everyone up at the top of the ladder, to reinforce what great kiddo's they already are, and then just move family members down the ladder, as their behavior requires. If they can stay within the top portion of the ladder (or if they at least, end up there) by the end of the week, then there is a reward. Still trying to think of rewards that are fun and not candy! Maybe a Life Skills lesson on Saturday nights, for those who've earned it! What do you think?!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Answering the Call, Quiet "I Love You's" and How to Adopt.

I enjoyed what I was able to hear, at Sacrament Mtng. today! A man in our ward, spoke about Missionary Service. He talked about how we accepted the call, in the pre-existence, to serve in the very situations of life, that we find ourselves in. I thought to myself, "How great would it be, if I could remember this each day! If I rise each day, remembering my mission, how will my behavior and responses to the duties required, change?" I know that I marveled at the call I was given! I know that I eagerly told my Heavenly Father, that I would be willing to accept the many trials life hands me. And today, the realization came to me, that I probably nodded my head, with a BIG smile on my face, as some of these trials were listed. So, I've had a paradigm shift today! And since I've recently been learning some more, great tricks for parenting, I have been able to keep my perspective a little more on the eternal side, lately! Let's pray this paradigm shift continues! I like feeling this way! I am glad to be answering His call to me...each day! :0)

Today in Sacrament Mtng., Ladybug sat on her Daddy's lap or busily clacked her shoes on the floor, as she walked around in her funny way, up and down our aisle. At one moment, while she sat with Mr. Man, I signed "I LOVE YOU", to her, with the three fingers up. She sweetly tried to sign "I LOVE YOU", back. Mr. Man saw what she was trying to do, and helped her. It's little moments like that, that I LIVE for! She had a great day today! She stayed in Sharing Time today, with her class. And while she wasn't completely still and quiet, (exploring the room and getting into things like she does), she was able to stay for the whole time, and go to class. In class, they watched a movie about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the gospel. Her teachers told me that she sat under the table, felt the "straw" wall and drew on the chalk board. BUT...she stayed! AND she wasn't so disruptive that she had to leave! What a blessing! She has two, sweet women teachers who love her and are so sweet with her! How grateful I am, for teachers who "get it!"

During Sacrament Mtng., Cuddle Bug came to snuggle with me for a few moments. He was enamored with a baby girl who sat 2 rows in front of us. She was adorable! She was making her cute baby noises, and he said "Mom...what is she saying?" I told him that's how babies talk when they're little. He thought that was pretty funny! We talked about how he's going to get to be a dad someday, and I asked him if he thought he and his wife would have kids or adopt some or all of them. He said "Nope, I'M going to have the kids!" When I told him only girls can "HAVE" the kids, he said "Oh...well then I can adopt them, but...I don't know HOW to adopt!" He's so funny! I told him it's okay, that when he get's to that point in his life, I'd be happy to help him and is wife know how to adopt their kids! He's such a thoughtful kiddo'! I love all of the great conversations we have as a family, and how the kids all talk so candidly about how they envision their future families, and how adoption, foster care and special needs and circumstances all weave into these visions, so seamlessly! They do indeed, have some pretty great missions to fulfill!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Call me Nephi

Lately, I have been getting a kick and a half out of Wiggle Bug! He seriously cracks us up around here! His new favorite thing to do, is to put all of his cowboy clothing and accessories on, including the black hat, and march around the living room singing "Follow Me Boys" with his brothers. So...they were marching and singing yesterday, and as I listened to the dialog between them, I heard Wiggle Bug say (in response to one of his brothers) "No...just call me "Wiggle Nephi!" (obviously he doesn't refer to himself as "Wiggle" but he used his own first name.) It was precious and adorable! Today...the cuteness continued when he asked me "Mom, why does Mickey Mouse look this way?" He held up his toy Mickey. I simply said "Well, how do you want him to look?" He said, "Handsome!" Again, he cracked me up! Then...he wrapped him up in one of the girls' handkerchiefs, and said "He looks like the baby Jesus." Can I just tell you how adorable it is, that almost every word out of this little guy's mouth, refers to the gospel! I think he's trying to tell us something! :0)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I thought this was important and wanted to share it.

A fellow blogger posted THIS recently. Check it out! It's eye opening.


This morning I read THIS! I had to snicker, and I also said a quick prayer of thanks, for the knowledge that someone as wonderful as Hilary Weeks, is human and has a "normal" family! Last night was not one of my shining moments as a mom. I ended up in tears, after telling Luv Bug that if she wasn't going to mind me anymore, that maybe we should find her a mother she would mind. Nice, right?! Yeah...I knew you'd think so! NOT! It has come to my attention over this past couple of days that the answer to this issue, is time. We are spending A LOT of time creating the schedule and routine that we feel is right for our family. But with all of that time, we are losing individual time together! When kids are little, we spend lots of time holding them and snuggling up next to them and just loving on them! As they get older, at least for me, we get caught up in all of the things and skills and attributes we should be teaching them. You know...character building and life skills and how to do hard things. Trying to balance life is really hard!, we are going to have Hot Chocolate at breakfast, sit down with a few great books, and snuggle and read! That's it! No chaos today! Just love! When you have lots of little ones, it's hard to get in the one on one time! (And No, I don't want to hear any "Well, why do you have so many kids?" comments. Can you tell I've gotten that question once or twice?) :0) But, I'm going to make more of an effort to try to spend daily one on one time with my kiddo's! I am hopeful, that if we plan for it, this will help to alleviate some of our recent issues. Wish us luck! :0)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lead, Kindly Light

This is my favorite hymn! I LOVE the words and their display of utter faith and dependence on our Savior. This song is the epitome of what it means to be submissive. It is the epitome of trust in the Lord and faith enough to take one step forward at a time, into the darkness, and wait for the coming light! Each time I hear this song, it reminds me of the pioneers. I once saw a one-woman play called Polly, on the BYU channel, about a girl's journey as a pioneer. I LOVED it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Highlights of the Week (Yes, it's only Monday!) Sounds like a great week ahead!

* Cuddle Bug walking around with books, pointing to letters on the title page and asking me what they are!

* FHE: Read D&C 89, about the Word of Wisdom, and took a trip to Sprouts to shop for healthy foods! (P.S. after watching Food Inc., we are a changed family! You should check it out! NOT FUN, BUT LIFE CHANGING!)

(Check out Food Matters on You Tube, too!)

* An AWESOME day of Family Work! ( I made a Chore Card system which is better than the last one I made, and I used my Label Maker and everything!) LOL :0) I LOVE this and so do the kids!
* Impromptu Game Night with the kids! (Starting in a few minutes! Sounds like fun to me!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Newbie Night

This morning, amidst waking up with cold, I am SO excited to tell you about our HIP Night last night! I am so happy with how it went! We had around about twenty people come, and it was a great discussion! I gave a presentation called Trusting the Process: Finding the Courage to Pave Your Own Way, in which I presented 5 stepping stones we can use in our families, which will help us to trust the process of gaining a Leadership Education! I came away from this meeting SO inspired by everyone there, and also with a new appreciation for the noble work we are doing with our families, and renewed desire to stay on this path we are on. I also came away from this meeting, feeling like I am on a team with lots of great HIP team members by my side! Inspiring and training ourselves and our families is no small task! It gets really hard sometimes! It gets discouraging sometimes! It is so neat to know that we aren't in this alone! I am SO grateful for the wonderful HIP community I belong to! :0)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Gospel Standards

We have a Reminder Wall at our house. It drives my mom CRAZY! :0) She has been known to ask on one or two occasions, "Do you have to have this stuff on this wall?" And the answer of course, in the spirit of practicality, is "Yep!" LOL :0) Our Reminder Wall looks a lot better than it used to! Right now, it consists of 2 small cork boards, which each hold a couple of quotes I love, and also some information about goal setting, character qualities we are learning this year, principles of peace for our family, and a poem or two that I love! In addition to these cork boards on the wall, we've also posted our Family Vision, our Family Standards and our Time Not Content Schedule. On a white board, where we keep our grocery lists, I always write down and Primary Song and a Hymn for us to learn throughout the week. We also have a short list of the meetings we need to have as a couple and as a family, on a regular basis. Around the corner, is our Heavenly Ladder, for motivating the children to behave well.

This year, we've added 3 things to our Reminder Wall. 3 SMALL things, that make a BIG impact on life! We added The Articles of Faith flashcards which sit in their own pocket on the wall, we added My Gospel Standards flashcards, in their own pocket, and we added an FHE Planning Wheel. We've been working on memorizing The Articles of Faith, for about a year or so. This week, we also started reciting the Gospel Standards, and discussing what they mean. (Does anyone know if these have been put to music yet?) We had a great discussion the other day, about the Atonement, and about some points about marriage, taken from The Family Proclamation. (Did you know The Proclamation has been set to music?) I am always amazed at how smart and wise our children are! They all have great heads on their shoulders and they understand SO much more than I did at their age, about the Atonement and other important truths of the gospel! I am excited for them, and the important missions they are preparing for. As a mother, I just hope that I prepare them well, for all that they were sent here to accomplish!

In other exciting news...we received some goodies from Discover the Scriptures, this week! This will make our Book of Mormon lapbooking, so much more organized and impactful! I can't wait to dig in to everything this week!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Headgates and a Heaven On Earth

I read THIS today! (Somehow, she posted twice, but it's a great post!) This is how I have felt about closing some of the Headgates in our lives, and guiding our children down the path we want them to follow! This morning during morning chores, Luv Bug started a conversation with me, that literally went like this:
Luv: Mom...I know the church is true!
Me: That's wonderful, Luv!
Luv: teachers at Primary tell me it's true and I believe them. I know some people don't believe them, but I do.
Me: I am so glad! Did you know that you can ask Heavenly Father to tell you if the gospel is true?
Luv: I can?
Me: Yep! You can pray and ask Him and He will tell you so you can know for yourself and gain your very own testimony!
Luv: Oh, I should do that! :)

That was how our conversation went! Isn't she precious?! I am so grateful for the time an environment that allows me and my 6 year old daughter, to talk about things like this! I am so happy to see the creativity and imagination in my kiddo's! I am
so happy to be simplifying life!

We don't have all the latest "gadgets" and "doo-dads"...and boy are we glad about that! Many people like to try and convince us that we are being left in the dust, but Mr. Man and I just laugh. My very best friend from high school, seems to have lost the ability to communicate with me in person or by phone. She insists that we text message each other! I LOVE my friend...BUT...I LOATHE texting! Who has time for this? If I am going to talk to someone, it's going to be worthwhile. Even email is better than texting. At least with an email, I can send it and move on with my day! Texting drives me batty! Mr. Man and I were talking the other day, about how the world just keeps coming up with more ways to get people to stop talking to each other. It's crazy and ridiculous! For these same reasons, we are vigilant about not letting our kids play video games. Video games are the biggest waste of time on the planet! (No offense to friends, family and guests who think they are awesome!) I do not subscribe to the theory that "we were put on the earth at this time, to enjoy all that man has to offer." In contrast to that idea, I believe that we were put on the earth at this time, to fulfill a mission, and that Satan will use whatever tools, tricks, gadgets and distractions, to throw us off from our missions. Satan is sneaky and he knows the good we can do, if we stay focused on our priorities! Now...I also realize what a wonderful blessing it is, to live on the earth when there are so many worthwhile and "man-made" technologies to bless our lives. A mother of children with various special needs, can see the value of the many technologies that provide peace and comfort, nourishment, etc. to her children. I think that's the trick though! My Patriarchal blessing tells me to "learn about the world and the good things that are in it." I think we have to look for the good and worthwhile, and leave the twaddle in it's place. Easier said than done, to be sure...but our home is living proof that it can be done! Home truly can be a Heaven on Earth! We just need to be intentional about it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jazzercise in my loft.

I got an awesome workout today, thanks to a few Jazzercise video's I found on YouTube. I worked out for an hour, in my loft and it was a lot of fun and hard work! So this will be my new exercise routine for the next little while! At some point, (when I get into better shape), I would like to join a Jazzercise class! We'll see how it goes! My goal is to lose about 20 lbs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Monument

Charlie's Monument
by Blaine M. Yorgeson

The Monument
by Blaine M. Yourgeson

I have loved the poem The Monument, ever since I first heard it in Young Women's when I was about 12 years old. It was only today, that I read the book from whence it came. Charlie's Monument is a precious story! In fact, it's my very favorite story! I decided today! I read this to my family today and we LOVED it! You've got to read it to your families! You can get it at Deseret Industries if you look for it. That's where we found ours! It's a really sweet story about trials and struggles and how we can turn them into a monument to the Lord, by how we accept them and respond to them! Part of our family mission statement talks about our lives being a monument to the Lord. I love the idea of seeing our lives as a monument to our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

(In other news...we finished reading The Island of The Blue Dolphins as a family today! It was really good as well! The children liked listening to the story each evening before bedtime. They've chosen Charlotte's Web, as our new family read-aloud, and we are still enjoying Caddie Woodlawn in the mornings!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Awww Nuts!!! (And other things)

So our sweet Cuddle Bug is officially STILL allergic to peanuts and we've been told that he needs to stay away from ALL nuts! He was tested when he was around 2 years old, and found to have an allergy to peanuts and dogs. We challenged his peanut allergy, when he was about 3 years old. They gave him a ton of peanut butter and he never reacted to it, so they told us that he had probably outgrown the allergy, but that we should keep giving him peanut butter so his body would continue to build up an immunity to the allergy. The only problem?...he HATES peanuts and peanut butter and wouldn't ever touch the stuff! So now his body is right back to where it was, allergic to peanuts. I am SO glad that I took him to see his allergist today! She is a great doctor and she cares so much about her patients. They tested him for peanut allergy again, and he reacted. We now how 2 Epi-pens that have to accompany us everywhere we go with Cuddle Bug. Scary, but extremely necessary! We are SO blessed that he hasn't had any major incidents! We pray that Heavenly Father will continue to watch over him and bless him to not have any allergic reactions in the future. It's back to reading the labels of everything we buy...but he's SO worth it! He is such a sweet boy and such a blessing in our lives!

Today, my mom watched the kiddo's while Cuddle and I were at the allergist. When we got home, my mom and I were watching the kids play in the backyard, and she commented about Miss Ladybug and the way she always plays off by herself, or just walks the square perimeter of the yard over and over. Just yesterday, Mr. Man and I were talking about how we've noticed that Ladybug doesn't hardly talk anymore. It's not like she's ever really talked a whole lot, but she's become increasingly more non-verbal. Her eye contact is almost non-existent. She still chooses not to eat anything, most of the time. She's so precious and such a sweetheart. It breaks my heart when I think about her deficits and delays. I got a call this morning, that the developmental pediatrician wants to see her a couple weeks sooner than her August appointment. We'll take it! This is the appointment where we will hear his diagnosis for her, and whether or not it's really Autism. And then....what do we do??? I suppose we'll just keep loving her and taking one day at a time! She's definitely very easy to love! She's a true blessing!

In other news...we received Snug's colored acetate sheets to help with his dyslexia today! We had to experiment with which colors help his letters and words stop jumping and flipping, and which ones don't, but we figured out a few good color combo's and his reading just took off! I was so impressed with how much this $10.00 item is helping him! We are excited to see what he can learn this year, thanks to the right colors and conditions! He's such a great kiddo' and has so much potential! We love him so much, and are excited to see his life improve with these little helps, this year!

Luv Bug helped my Mom tidy up the kitchen today, wipe counters and the table after meals, and polish the cupboards. She's quite the little worker and really makes us so proud! She is still having success with controlling some of her behaviors a little better! She's very smart and asks lots of great questions! What a joy she is to our family! We love her a ton and are always smiling about her cute, qwerky ways!

Wiggle Bug's legs are still really hurting him, and after his PT quitting recently to go work elsewhere, we are still frantically searching for a physical therapist who can come in and do therapy with him every week! He goes through a lot in his little life! We are excited to see how well he is growing and are getting creative with ways to teach him, mainly through music, since he can memorize things better if they have a tune. What a remarkable kiddo' he is! We are blessed that he is ours! We love him oodles!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking Forward and Looking For Information

I am excited about some upcoming events this year! The TJEd forum is coming up and I learned SO much there last year! I am looking forward to learning even more this, year, now that I have another year of experience using the principles of TJEd in our home and family! I am also looking forward to our first ever, Mom's retreat, with our homeschooling community! I am excited beyond belief, that we will get to hear from some amazing women in the TJEd community, who really know their stuff! They are coming for a weekend in April and I know it will be so uplifting and inspiring for me! It's not easy to home educate yourself and your family, especially when you are used to riding on the "conveyor belt" of the public school system, where you are told what to do and when and how to do it. I am particularly excited to learn new ideas about how to be an effective "inspirer" for my family, and how to set goals and attain them, etc. I simply cannot wait to learn from these 2 upcoming events! I need this kind of a "re-charge"!

We have had some new, little epiphanies in our family, these past few weeks. Each time that I sit to read with the children, Luv Bug points out words, left and right, that she has figured out on her own. She is really getting quite good at this! We are so excited for her! Cuddle Bug has recently started tracing letters, here and there, in his brother's activity book, and we are super excited about this too! It has been hard to teach him that he is capable of writing and drawing on his own. He tends to require perfection from himself, and thus, doesn't think his own work is good enough! He is gaining confidence though, and we are so glad!

We had a little scare with Cuddle Bug today. In the past, he underwent allergy testing and we had been told that he was allergic to peanuts. We challenged that testing, because prior to learning about this, we had given him things that had nuts in it before. They challenged his peanut allergy and said he was fine and had likely outgrown his allergy. Today for speech therapy (yes. Cuddle Bug gets speech therapy too now), the therapist used a little peanut butter on his lip, to show him where to put his tongue to say his "L's". Shortly afterward, his eye started to swell and so did his lip. He started coughing and I had to give him a rescue breathing treatment. So...this Friday, we are headed back to his allergist's office, to find out what's up with him and peanuts, again! This is one of those things, where I find myself being extra vigilant. When you're children come to you through the miracle of adoption, you just can't take anything for granted. There is always a wealth of things that you don't know about your children and the possible health risks, concerns or issues, that may be hereditary for them! I wish that more information was available for adoptive families!
Just this morning, in dealing with another "records" issue for our son, Wiggle Bug, I was thinking of how great it would be, to give some training to new foster parents, about keeping good records for their foster children, so that when they get adopted or even if they go back home, that their parents would have all the necessary tools and information, to properly advocate for them! I can't tell you, how many times, I have wished to know more about my children and their lives before they came to us, so that I would be better equipped to help them through life! :0)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

Today I got to study! (Everyone say "Wow! Awesome!") :0) Our day went perfectly today! What's up with that, right? I am so grateful! Having a schedule for our time, really does help everything flow throughout the day! Anyway...what did I do with my study time??? I got a really strong prompting last night, that I need to study my family history and share it with my children this year! So today I started reading from my family book about John Tanner! I am honored and proud to be one of his 6th Great Granddaughters! What an amazing man! He gave all he had to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Joseph Smith told him that for this dedication and faithfulness to the gospel, his "children would never beg for bread! That same blessing shows up from time to time, in various family members' patriarchal blessings. I believe it is in my aunt's patriarchal blessing. His testimony and faith are so inspiring to me! He truly cared for others and was known for his generosity to those who needed it most! He was a friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith and faced trials and hardships like all of the early saints. In fact, he happened to be on a "political mission", as part of Joseph Smith's run for President of the United States, when Joseph was martyred. He continued on in faith, and with his sons, was often of great benefit to many of the other Saints of the church. I can't wait to continue my study about him, and his family! It is truly awe inspiring!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Funnies for Today

(While teaching Luv to clean a bathroom)
Me: Bathroom counters get really dusty and grimy, which is why we clean them.
Luv: Yeah...that's why I don't ever lick counter tops, Mom!


(With Ladybug, while she was trying to put her jeans on by herself)
Ladybug: (scream) I tan't det dem on, my foot in da' way!"

(While doing Lady's hair)

Me: Okay, be really still for just a second so I can put in your hair pretty.

Lady: O'tay, Mom.

(2 seconds later) Why you moving, Mom?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, I must have done something right today! In the midst of our crazy day (EVERY day is kinda' crazy around here), my kiddo's learned a thing or two! I have been trying very hard, to give some well-balanced structure to our days. We have been having a morning devotional and story from The Children's Friend magazine, and today we finally chose our "Read Aloud" book...Caddie Woodlawn! (The children just couldn't believe that Caddie and her brothers would strip down to their underthings and cross a river by themselves, while holding their clothes over their heads, no less! This story captivated their attention instantly! I haven't ever read it before, but I can tell it's going to be a great one!) We spent some good time reviewing The Articles of Faith, and played a game about them, too! Then, we talked about our character quality for this week, which is Joyfullness! And TONIGHT, when Luv Bug said family prayer, the very last thing she prayed for, was that we could "be a good family and have JOY!" She's 6. I was pretty impressed! She was listening today! I told her how great I thought that was! As the prayer ended, I saw that Snug-a-Bug was smiling and I told him I could tell that he'd been listening today too! So Great! I love days like this...when you think they are only halfway listening, only to find that they were ABSOLUTELY listening! Talk about a joyful day! This one was tops! :0)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ready, Set GO! AND...The Tale of Peter Rabbit (and other stories)

Today marks the beginning of our school year. (I have to start fresh at the beginning of every year, I just can't seem to go along with the public school schedule.) :0) I woke up early, tidied my room, made my bed, got myself ready for the day and said my morning prayers. We have re-vamped our Reminder Wall, to reflect the things we want to focus on for the year, and I've made sure, not to leave any room for other "non-essential STUFF" to find it's way onto my wall. We are going with a "Less is More" approach this year, and so far, so good! Last night, after talking with Mr. Man for the past 2 weeks about the need to change up our Obedience Bugs system, I found what I think will be the answer...The Ladder to Heaven. (The People that go along with it.) So far, it seems to be motivating for the children! :0) We are trying for more peace in our home this year! This system really give vision to our words and actions and how they can either take us closer to our Heavenly Father, or further away from Him. I think it will work well!
Today, we read The Tale of Peter Rabbit (along with some of the other cute stories in the book.) The kids really loved these stories and we talked about the actions of some of the characters and had a nice discussion about behavior and the good or bad consequences that follow. I LOVE it when my kids don't want me to stop reading! We always have something to look forward to when we are reading a great book! We are still trying to decide on a book to read for Kidschool. Some of the kiddo's want to read The Sign of the Beaver, because they saw the movie from my mom's house and LOVED it so much! Some of them want to read Swiss Family Robinson (again, from their love of the movie on Family Movie Night.) Cuddle Bug wants to read The Little Princess! (Ya' gotta' love Shirley Temple, right?) Yep, you guessed it...another family movie night favorite! Anyway...the goal for tomorrow, is to narrow down a small selection of books and then vote on which one we will read together! I'll let ya' know what we come up with! :0)