Monday, November 28, 2011

Learning How to Govern Ourselves...Again!

We had a really good FEC and family meeting yesterday! We've been struggling with behavior in our home and family, and we've been trying to re-gain our focus when it comes to Teaching Self-Government. In re-reading Nicholeen's book yesterday (we started with the chapters for a family in "Crisis Mode", to get some important things in place right now), I realized that while we've had a Family Vision statement for a few years now, what was missing for us, is what I've named our "Here and Now Vision Statement!" We brainstormed as a family and have come up with a list of important vision principals that we can live every day, in addition to looking ahead to our Family Vision twenty years from now! Our Here and Now Vision Statement is as follows: The Hansen Family Here and Now Vision Statement: We are the Hansen's and in our family: ~ We love each other ~ We have fun together ~ We're best friends ~ We work together ~ We read and write together ~ We play together ~ We respect ourselves and others ~ We respect our home and personal property ~ We love and know the gospel ~ We speak respectfully, quietly and calmly ~ We have integrity ~ We're honest and trustworthy ~ We're neat, tidy and clean ~ We help each other ~ We're healthy ~ We eat right and exercise ~ We enjoy nature ~ We live simply and within our means ~ We are content and self-disciplined ~ We obey the Commandments and the laws of the land ~ We read the scriptures ~ We choose the right ~ We dress modestly ~ We obey the Word of Wisdom ~ We love and follow our Savior~ We will be printing this and framing it, and reciting it each day, as a family, along with our family mission statement!

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