Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My FB post today: wishes that telling my children "No" in an opera voice had enough "Wow Factor" or "Shock Factor" to get the point across...but does not! In other our MTC orientation this morning, we were talking about how missionaries have to know how to eat healthily. Cuddle tells me..."Yeah, my favorite fruits are cherries and oranges and pie!" Ummmmm.....apparently we need further study about food groups! :) We've officially become our own MTC today! (Missionary Training Center.) As you can see from the above Facebook post, it's going swimmingly. :0) I'll keep ya' posted!


  1. I love your link for teaching self government. My sis-in law preaches that and it works. I hope things with your little people are going well! :)

  2. Gotta love the pie! My kids used to think soda pop was it's own food group, you know part of juice and milk. LOL! I remember thinking, "That's science, not food groups!" (Liquids, solids, etc.)

    I read somewhere that talking in a deeper voice gets attentiont more than high pitched voices. So I decided about 15 years ago to test it out. It worked! That's why the kids seem to listen to dad more than mom. I swear it works!