Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Little Sweetheart

Wiggle Bug saw his cardiologist today and his left ventricle is still dilated. The doctor is putting him on meds. to see if we can get the dilation to slow down or possibly stop. This would give him some more time before a possible heart transplant would be needed. I am in shock about those words "heart transplant!" I have cried all day today about the possibility of him needing one in even 10 years. And while we don't know for sure that he does need one, he may. So...keep him in your prayers, will you?! Thank you! :0)


  1. So scary. If it helps any, there is a young man in our ward that had a heart transplant I think it was 4 years ago. Today, you would never know he was sick. He is a normal 17 year old young man. We will certainly keep him in our prayers. He has a special reason for being here and I have to believe he will be for many many years to come.

  2. It just breaks my heart to hear this! I'm so sorry he is suffering and that your family has this trial. Health problems are so much worse than other things in my book. We will keep him in our prayers. Love you guys!

  3. Thanks guys! Prayer is what we need! :0)