Monday, August 1, 2011

"Mom...Why You Put Underwear On My Head?"

For starters...I did NOT put underwear on any of our children's heads. But Miss Ladybug did ask me that question this morning. I am still laughing about it. :0) Last night we got a doozy of a rain storm. The sound on the windowpanes was AWESOME! That is...unless you were Ladybug. When it started really raining hard, I knew I better go in to check on her and see how she was handling it, since she hates loud noises. Sure enough, poor thing was laying her little body completely sideways across her pillow, with both hands on her ears and her eyes shut tight. When I tried to pull a hand away she opened her eyes a little startled and said in a loud voice "It too woud(loud) Mom!" and then put her hand back on her ear and closed those eyes tight again. So...I did what any good mom does, I improvised some ear muffs. I went in my room and got my terry cloth hair headband that I use when I'm taking my makeup off. I folded a sock (doubled up) for each ear and then put the headband around her head and Wa-La...instant noise reduction. When the storm stopped and she had fallen asleep, I went in and took the rigging off so whe would be a little more comfortable. It just cracks me up that in the dark of her room she thought I had put a pair of underwear around her head. LOL :0) Ya' gotta' love her!

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