Monday, August 1, 2011

Funny Family Night

We are studying and trying to memorize The Living Christ, one small section at a time. (check out Discover the Scriptures for some awesome visuals for this.) Anyway...I always take each section and make a lesson out of it, by asking or explaining about what it all means. We were on the 3rd section today. We talked about how the Savior would teach using parables and some of the people did not understand what He was trying to teach them. To illustrate this point, we talked about the parable of the Talents. I told the story and explained that we should share the gifts Heavenly Father has given, with others and that if we do they will multiply and bless others and ourselves. I used the example of poetry, since I write poetry. That got all of the children excited about poetry and they each wanted to share their poems. So here's what they talked about:

Cuddle: Humpty Dumpty sat on a Fence
Luv: There was an old man who sat on a tree.
Lady: Ladybug Ladybug
Snug: Once there was a cowboy
Wiggle: The Pig that rolled in the mud.

As you can imagine, their poems/stories were FABULOUS and very animated! I told them we could talk more about poetry this week! It should be fun! We had a nice discussion about Jesus Christ and His mission in life! :0)

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