Friday, July 29, 2011

Why We Homeschool

In an effort to remind myself of the very important reasons that I do what I do and that WE do what WE do as a family, (ie. Homeschooling), I am going to list them here: (Bear with me...some of this might not make sense to all of you.) :0)

1. I have a testimony of homeschooling. Not only just a testimony of it, but specifically a testimony of using the principles of Leadership Education, in our home and family life. The Spirit has spoken peace to my soul, about the place where our children should learn and grow each day. I KNOW that they shouldn't be growing up in the care of strangers at the public school. A lot of people feel threatened by this statement, somehow thinking that because I feel that that environment is not right for my children, means that I think it's not right for theirs. I had just such a conversation with a family member recently. As a mother, I believe in doing what you feel is best for your family. I do not think that my home schooling our children, has anything to do with what anyone else chooses to do or not do with theirs. It is the right decision for our family. It is Divinely Inspired for us.

2. The very first reason why we decided to homeschool had everything to do with the fact that it killed me to send my preschooler to school with a bunch of 8th graders every day. It also had everything to do with the fact that I was getting notices sent home involving (I kid you not): 1. A principal in our school district who was found to have inappropriate pictures of children on his computer. 2. An inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student, involving many things including alcohol, etc. 3. The police coming to my child's classroom with "drug-sniffing dogs", to go through their things and look for drugs. (Luckily my son wasn't in his classroom when they came. He's deathly afraid of dogs. The notice came home in his backpack, after the fact. Had I known it was going to happen, I wouldn't have sent him that day.) After receiving these notices, would YOU want to send your child to school??? What kind of parent could answer "Yes" to that question? Top it off with the fact the special needs preschool kept taking my son's special services away (the whole reason he was there), and you have our motivation for homeschooling, in a nutshell! Oh and to top it off even more...I don't approve of what they teach in public schools today. I believe as parents, that Mr. Man and I are the ones who should decide the doctrine our children learn.

3. Our children have quite a few different special needs. Their gift are unique, their challenges are unique, their learning styles are unique and the issues with which they are faced, cause them to be especially innocent and fragile. They could be easily victimized and/or tossed aside. (Our son's special needs were tossed aside when he was in the public school system, and he had a potty accident at least once, when the teachers wouldn't allow him to use the bathroom after repeated asking. That borders on vicitimization if you ask me.) I LOVE that our children get to pursue their passions and interests! I LOVE that they aren't held to some standard of what an education should be. I LOVE the lessons we are learning together!

4. The gospel is EVERYTHING! I have felt time and time again, the inspiration to teach the gospel strongly in our homeschooling efforts. The gospel cannot be found in the public school system. I believe that our children are here to be spiritual leaders and giants! This is part of their mission in this life. I have a great responsibility and stewardship to help our children reach their full potential and accomplish the reasons for which they came here.

5. We enjoy family time together! I cannot imagine being away from our children for 6 hours a day (or more.) How much I would miss! We are tight knit and close family and are SO enjoying growing together! We have fun together, we learn truth together, we talk about difficult subjects together, in an environment that fosters unity and love. Our kiddo's ask LOTS of questions! I can't imagine the ways that our kiddos' characters would be molded and shaped by having strangers give them answers (that I don't even know about) to questions (that I don't even know are being asked.)

6. I think the biggest reason that we have chosen to homeschool, is to preserve freedom! There are so many ways the world can enslave you. It is nice to leave the world at our doorstep, come inside, and learn about the virtues that will help us to stay free in a world that is in bondage. The stories we are telling in our family and the stories (from history and geneology) that we are learning about in our family, are SO inspiring! The ideals our founding fathers courageously fought for, are SO important and applicable to our lives, even and especially today!

I am sure I will think of more reasons! For now, it's nice to remind myself why I chose to do this very difficult and very rewarding and important duty! Homeschooling is a blessing for our family!

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