Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

So overnight, I've come to the conclusion that this too shall pass. There's not really anything more I can do, about the illness in our home, and Mr.'s work schedule and the season we are in right now. I think it just needs to run it's course. I am going to order some more essential oils, and rely on them more heavily to help our family. We've already started on the path to eating healthier. More fruits and vegetables, less meat, a good balance of whole grains. We haven't, so far, felt the need to switch to a gluten-free/casein free diet or anything. I know that is "all the rage" right now, for lots of people. Every time I have thought about it, I've been reminded of what the Word of Wisdom says, and it just doesn't feel right for our family. We've opted to decrease some things, but not eliminate them all together.

I decided last night, after I went to bed (very late), that I should just wake up this morning and ask the children what they'd like to do today. For those who are well, chores are not optional. I know they'd like to go somewhere and get out of the house for a while. But alas, the babes are too much under the weather for that. I recently went through our Joy Cabinet (closet), and got rid of anything junky or used up, and put a few new things in. It's all organized again, and hopefully it can stay that way for a while, so everyone knows what is really there. I have an inclination to make today a DEAR day. (Drop Everything And Read.) My kids just don't seem to be excited about being read to, lately. I guess I haven't found anything yet, that really inspires them.

I really wanted to focus on teaching them about our family history this year, as part of our focus for learning. The problem right now, has just been my finding the time to go through and find stories that the children could relate to and understand. I have a couple of books from my side of the family, about our geneology, and wanted to include some stories from Mr. Man's side as well. Again, it's all just SO time consuming and I can't ever seem to get more than a few moments of time together, to look into it. Another focus the children did just decide on the other day, is The Book of Virtues. As a treat on occasion, they like to watch an episode of Adventures from the Book of Virtues, a cartoon that plays on (look under the "Family" heading, down at the bottom.) They all decided they would like their very own "Book of Virtues (with a little prompting from me, about character study), and we are in the process of turning some notebooks into "virtue lapbooks" so to speak. This is all part of my trying to get them excited about something. We'll see how long that lasts. For now, I think they just need to play outside. It's been around 115 degrees for that last little while, and I haven't let them outside in a couple of weeks. We desperately need a day trip up to cooler weather. I long for a cool, beautiful, natural environment for the kids to explore in every day.

We have a couple of new things still in the works. We are pursuing our 6th adoption of a baby girl, who is missing from our family. We'll keep you updated about that. We are also going to be pursuing (hopefully in the next 4-6 months) the purchase of some land, and the building of a new home, that we can stay in forever. This will eventually provide a more natural environment for the kids to explore and play in. We'll keep you updated about this as well.

All in all...I've decided not to fight the season we are in right now. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. As an old country song used to say "Sometimes you're the windshield...sometimes you're the bug." I don't really know how that transition from "bug" to "windshield" is going to go...but I am sure it will happen eventually.

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