Thursday, July 28, 2011

Take a Hike

I wanna' take a hike. No...I'm not talking about leaving. I'm talking about my desire to be in nature! It was said once at a HIP night not long ago, that one of the best ways to ponder something in life and come up with answers, is to take a walk somewhere and just think (and pray) it out. I really need to do this! Life just requires that, for me, right now. Too bad that it's virtually impossible. Mr. Man's work schedule is not conducive to having a wife that needs a hike right now...and I don't have a single soul that I can completely trust to know anything and everything about our kiddo's and their issues. We've kinda' been living in crisis for the last 2 1/2 months. Mr.'s work schedule only switched to nights, three weeks ago, but even before that, we've had sickness for 2 months straight. Ugh! Miss Lady is still not completely out of the woods with that.

For we had Lady at the ENT's office to check out the hole in her ear drum. He said it's not quite healed and that we need to keep it out of water for at least a month. There goes swim lessons. We went ahead and pulled Wiggle out too, since we're pretty sure that the water is what brought on his illness. (Ah! On no! I just heard a was Luv Bug! Great!) Anyway...sorry I am rambling and venting but hey...this is kinda' like therapy for me. LOL :0) It's probably the result of having so many things on my mind at one time, that I can't see straight. I think I'll go sit in the middle of my loft, and just think for a while, feel the stillness, hear the hum of the air conditioner, read my scriptures and try to catch some semblance of peace. Maybe I'll go on a mental my mind. Meditation might be a good thing for me!

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