Monday, July 4, 2011

Structured Family Learning Time

It's AMAZING what you learn when you stop and listen every once in a while! In this case, I have stopped to listen to The Closet Mastery Program (very slowly, mind you) that Mary Ann Johnson, "The Closet Coach" developed! I am learning a TON and it has been SUCH a good re-evaluation of priorities for me! It's truly amazing how distractions or other pressing matters, like to sneak in on our Structured Family Learning Time. We had come up with our "hours of operation", a while back. BUT...although most people have honored those hours, I haven't necessarily honored them the way I should. This has more to do with, calls from doctor's offices, than it does with calls from anyone else. So...I am really concentrating on our Structured Family Learning Time this week, and I'm going to re-vamp our "Hours of Operation" and then...I am going to stick to them! I especially want to work on being really present in the lives of our children! Oh, I'm here all right...every day and every moment of the day, pretty much. But somehow, I've still not been present enough in our kiddo's lives. We used to have a pretty good schedule going, for how our day would go each day. The kiddo's thrived this way for a while, but then if started to feel too structured and too rigid. So I did what lots of other moms have probably done, I threw our nice, little structure, COMPLETELY OUT THE WINDOW. Nothing's been real great ever since, and struggle though I might, I haven't been able to get us back on solid ground. That is, til now! I am bound and determined that we are going to get a solid structure going for our structured family learning time, so the children know what to expect when, each day! I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes! I'll settle for nothing less than success, and as I am learning from Mary Ann Johnson, if something breaks in the process, instead of giving up completely, I'll just fix it! :0)

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  1. Oh, thank you, Ranee...for your comment...It strengthens me to know that there are others feeling for me out there! I'm doing much better this week...and hope to continue to draw personal wisdom from all of this to help me teach my children. :) Thanks again!!