Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still Stuck and Discouraged

Have you ever felt like you've lost your groove? Has your mind ever been so overcome with a "To Do" list 5 miles long, that you can't get everything straight? This is me, lately. I feel like I am flying solely on "Necessity Mode." I am taking care of kiddo's, hubby, sickness, meals, bath times and doctor's appointments, and everything else is just suffering right now. I kid you not, every time we get well and go back to church from a weekend spent at home recovering...our youngest two kiddo's get sick. About a month ago, we got the stomach flu at our house. It started with our sweet, little Wiggle and literally went through every person in our family, over the course of about two weeks or so. THEN...we had a good week or two at church. THEN...we went to church this past week...and Wiggle got Pink Eye and sinus trouble and a fever and a sore throat. It makes me want to cry. Lady now has the sinus issues, along with myself. I think I just got it because I am worn out and exhausting myself. I don't understand what this season of life means right now. I have always considered myself a year round homeschooling mom. So...I've been stressing myself out, trying to make sure the kiddo's are not bored and that they are learning what they'd like to learn. The problem is, that I haven't had adequate time or attention for inspiring them the way I'd like to right now. I am just tired and discouraged about how best to inspire them. I need to spend time reading my scriptures. I am just SO exhausted. It seems there is always something going on...some fire that I have to put out. Life is just hectic right now. It's mainly our health. Mr. Man has been working nights. I was telling a friend about that today and she asked how long. I was ready to tell her "for the last month." I was shocked when Mr. said it's only been this past week. We've literally been passing like "ships in the night" and we are both pretty much walking zombies when we see each other. It's just wearing us both out. Miss Ladybug had her blood taken yet again last week. They are testing her titers for her Hypogammaglobulinemia (say THAT 5 times fast) that she has. It's a fancy word for a type of immune disorder, and we are supposed to hear tomorrow, if we're going to have to start IVIG therapy. (Intra-Venous ImunnoGlobulin therapy.) Basically, it would involve us giving her injections every day. As if her life isn't hard enough. THAT also makes me want to cry. SO...would ya' mind offering a prayer or two for our family?! :0) We are SO COMPLETELY blessed, but could use a few extra prayers right now! Thanks!


  1. Always in ours. It sounds like you need some time away. Either to yourself or with your hunny. That is what works for us usually.

    I admire what you do A LOT. I certainly couldn't do it. You're doing a great job, don't let that get out of your mind. Believe me, sometimes life just kicks you in the pants and you have to spend a lot of time and energy trying to get back up. All that is important is that you keep trying and get up ;-)

  2. Thank you, Christy! I keep telling myself that my best is good enough, but ya' know when there are those situations in life where the best you can give, doesn't make it better?! Yeah...we're right there. :0) I've GOT to find a better way to keep our family healthy! I'll keep ya' posted as to what I figure out! :0)