Saturday, July 16, 2011

Priesthood Intervention's official. Now, Luv Bug has Pink Eye. To quote a phrase my sweet sister in law used recently..."For the Love!" (My Mom would say "For the Love of Pete!) LOL! :0) We just can't get this illness to leave us alone. She's got a fever and congestion too, and just feels miserable! The Mr. and I are beside ourselves about this, and I've officially lost my voice from sheer exhaustion. What's a girl to do? Well...I don't know why we've not asked for help from our home teachers before now, but I bawled my eyes out to Mr. Man tonight and told him that we need them to come and give us all blessings! He agreed completely, and now I can't wait for Heavenly Father's blessings to free us from this bondage we've been in. How grateful I am for the Priesthood! I sometimes forget to use it like I should, because it wasn't a real prevalent part of my upbringing. Now, I just pray that THEY don't catch anything! That would not be good! Anyway...if you remember, would you pray for us?! We would be ever so grateful! Thank you!

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  1. I have had that before. It's not fun at all. Just make sure they don't touch near her eye or anything that has touched her eye. I hope she feels better soon. And all of the rest of you. Good luck with the blessings. I am not in a place where I feel like I would benefit from having one so I commend you all for doing it. You are all always in our prayers.