Monday, July 18, 2011

Pink Eyes and Crab Angels

I am pretty sure that Miss Ladybug has the beginnings of Pink Eye. When I first thought this might be occurring today, I told her she needed to camp out in her bed so it wouldn't get passed around. She wasn't happy about that, but did remarkably well today. When Mr. Man got home and she heard the garage closing, she started yelling from her room "Daaaaaaaady! Come see my two pink eyes!" She yelled over and over again! It was pretty hilarious! He hadn't even come in yet, and she'd already yelled it at least 5 or 6 times. Then she said to me "Mooooom! Where Dad?" (yes, she said "where.") When I told her he hadn't come in yet she said "He need to hurry and see my two pink eyes!" She is so funny!

Tonight at dinner (we had take-out chinese, thanks to an excruciating headache on my part), I asked Cuddle Bug if he'd like a Crab Angel. He told me he would, and I gave him one, to which he replied..."Mom, where's the head?" I said "What???" He said "Where's the angel's head?" In about a minute, he had turned it every which way and decided which corner was the head, arms and legs. He is a super silly kiddo'! He's always telling us stuff like: "Hey Mom, I'm a chicken and rice boy!", or "Dad, I'm a fruit salad boy!" When he likes food, it just becomes a part of him! Now I wish Wiggle and Lady could have that kind of attitude about food! :0)

How grateful I am for helpful Snug-a-Bug! He has been such a great helper through all of this! He loves his brothers and sisters and is such a great brother to them! He really does watch over them, which is extra nice when I am also feeling under the weather! What a super great son!

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