Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Ladybug! her birthday was technically yesterday, but I am just now getting to blogging about it. I have serious issues with the fact that she has turned 5 years old. She should honestly be turning 3. Her physical age and her developmental age don't match, and it makes me sad that another year has gone by and her age is getting away from her. The Mr. and I keep wondering what this will all look like when she gets older. I mean, when she turns 18 but is more like 16...or what if her development caps off before that??!! We always have little questions in the back of our minds about these things. At any rate, she is truly precious and completely sweet and we ADORE her! She got a toy box with 10 little play sets in it, from us. Things like blocks, a donut tower that helps her learn to judge things by size, a wooden puzzle, a little bead game, a little wooden car, etc. We are planning to get her one more gift this weekend, if we can get her to tell us about one more thing she'd like. She is kind of oblivious to gifts (thanks to her Autism.) She was delighted yesterday when I made her a strawberry (pink) cake with frosting and sprinkles and frozen yogurt to go with it.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Angel Baby! Mommy and Daddy love you SO much! It is an honor to serve you, in all the ways that you need help! You are truly an angel on earth and we are overjoyed that you are ours! Don't ever lose the sweetness that is you! May Heavenly Father continue to watch over and bless and protect you!

Love Always,
Mommy, Daddy, Snug, Luv, Cuddle and Wiggle

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  1. For the love!!! Why do I not know when your kids birthdays are? I only know one because I was around the day he was born. Otherwise I never get them right...Sheesh! Anyway, Happy Birthday yesterday! Hope you had a great day.