Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Follow Me Boys (or Snug's first time at Scouts)

I can't believe how fast Snug-a-Bug is growing up. (I am beginning to think that I ought to find a nickname for him that's a little more grown up.) Maybe I will call him Almanzo. (He thinks Almanzo in Little House On The Prairie, rocks!) :0) Anyway... he turned 8 last month, and his baptism will be next month, and he went to scouts tonight for the first time. He had LOTS to tell us about how much fun he had! We are super excited for him! Next week is pack meeting. (I am still learning the "lingo" and what it all means), and he's supposed to bring a collection of 10 things. Don't know what for. But...we'll figure it out. Mr. said he'll either just show them to everyone or maybe also tell them about it. I think he's thinking about bringing some Lego's (Mr.'s suggestion), but my suggestion was for us to go on a nature walk and he can take in some cool things he finds that way. We'll see what "Almanzo" thinks.

P.S. Our family LOVES Follow Me Boys! :0)


  1. I have one that is almost 18 and still can't get all of the scout lingo down. Thank goodness for Dan. His 3 years as young mens president helps a lot. At least one of us gets it :-0 I think Almanzo is a fabulous, grown-up name...LOL.

  2. Yeah...he chose that name! He actually kind of wanted to keep Snug, "because I like to snuggle with you Mom!" He's pretty precious! I'll probably fall out of the habit if Almanzo pretty quick and end up calling him Snug, after all! LOL :0)