Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding Our "Normal"

I've spoken to all of our wonderful therapists who come to see our children each week. I've told them that I am planning to just be ready to go, for therapy next week! These ladies really are so wonderful, and this whole experience has helped me to appreciate them all over again! Thank heaven for these truly understanding ladies who come each week to make a small contribution to the lives of our children.

After seeing Lady's immunologist yesterday, and telling him about our not so comical visit to the ER the other night, we seem to finally have a plan for getting her well. He and his nurse, are really understanding, caring and thoughtful. They listen to me...and that means everything. I have it in my mind not to visit a hospital ER ever again, if at all possible. It's much nicer for myself and my kiddo's, to meet with providers who understand the child they are seeing. I am glad we have a game plan for helping Miss Lady get completely over the illness she's been holding onto for so long!

We have our first CoOp leadership meeting tomorrow night. I will not be attending, because I am still a little under the weather and don't want to pass it on. I will hopefully be participating by phone, though. I am excited for this experience for our family, and I am hopeful that this will be just the thing we need, to offer a little fun and support and inspiration for the education of our family! It should be super fun and educational!

I am also excited to start gearing up for the upcoming school year, since this is the first time we've really "taken the summer off." My plan, is to start our structured family learning time for the last 2 weeks of August, and be on our way! The children and I have already decided on a couple of things:

The Book of Virtues: I have been trying to turn their own, individual notebooks into their own Books of Virtue. We will study the virtues listed in this book and how best to apply them in our lives.

The Living Christ: We will be taking one phrase at a time, as a Family Home Evening lesson each week. We will work on memorizing our phrase for the week and learn about the meaning of that statement in our lives.

Family Scripture Study and Prayer: With Snug's upcoming baptism, we will be getting him his own set of scriptures with his name engraved on them, and this is the perfect opportunity to get going on regular family scripture study each day. We've been doing this each evening, so that Mr. Man can be part of this with us. I am hoping to inspire the children to learn to read this way.

Teaching Self Government and Zone Training: We will be working on establishing regular privileges, job training by zone (or area of the home) and reviewing the 4 basic steps to being obedient. (see Nicholeen Peck's website for more wonderful information about this.)

These are the only things I am committing to right now, as I am trying to keep it simple around here. I am learning that less is more, trying to follow that 1% rule.

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