Friday, July 8, 2011

And Then...I am Once Again Reminded

It was a simple moment, really. After feeling discouraged and lost this last little while, I went off to take Cuddle Bug to his dental appointment. (Have I mentioned that he's losing and gaining teeth at a very rapid rate for 5 years old??) We were shown to the dental chair and as Cuddle sat (more like slid repeatedly down the chair), life was put to rights again, in one single moment. In the midst of being a bit naughty and jumping and sliding on the dental chair, Cuddle said "Mom! Look (or as he still says "Wook") outside to see the bird!" I looked and saw the sweetest and most beautiful little bird outside, his beautiful feathers slightly camouflaged against the rocks. I had to take a moment to find him out there. (I seriously think it was some kind of pigeon, but it really was pretty!) I was quick to point out the way the bird moved his head. Cuddle imitated. Then we talked about his cute, orange feet. We sat and watched it for a little while and then it flew away. I LOVED that moment! Here we were, surrounded by kiddo's trying to pick a toy out of the obnoxious toy machine, two or three t.v.'s surrounding us, playing the ever annoying Disney movies of today, and he stopped to notice the bird outside the operatory window. It was a great confidence booster for me! They ARE listening! They ARE seeing the beauty that Heavenly Father has created for them! They ARE learning what I am trying to inspire them to want to learn! It reminded me of the power I have for good, as their mother! It reminded me that even when I feel inadequate and on shaky ground, they still see life as steady and sure. Just like the summer butterfly I once wrote about before, this little bird came into our view, mesmerized us for a few moments and left us forever changed for the better! And I am grateful, for answers to prayers of the heart, that come in the simplest and most beautiful ways. I KNOW that this was one of Heavenly Father's ways of letting me know that He hasn't forgotten me and the concerns and desires of my heart. I am ever grateful that Cuddle and I were able to experience this quiet blessing amidst the chaos of our surroundings. :0)

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