Monday, June 13, 2011

Wiggle's Next (and hopefully last) Surgery

We are off today, to visit Wiggle's Cranial Surgeon. This doctor drives me bonkers! He never listens to me! I have been trying to get him to realize that Wiggle really DOES have a sub-muccosal (involving muscle) cleft palate, and he would never do anything about trying to really find out for sure. I finally pushed hard enough, and about a week and a half ago, Wiggle and I went and saw this doctor's nurse practitioner, to see about it. We're talkin' about a camera down the nose and everything! She and I geared up for some cookie tossin', but Wiggle was a champ and kept his cookies down. In the end, we all stood there with sweaty, disposable gowns on, for no reason. BUT...she did find that he has a cleft, and even got some crazy video of what is happening inside his head, when he talks. Anywho...I have officially decided that the medical profession really likes to waste your time and money! TODAY....we will see the doctor, so he can confirm that Wiggle does in fact have the cleft, that the nurse practitioner already showed me on video...and today the doctor is supposed to explain the surgery to me, and then we are supposed to schedule it. This will be Wiggle's 3rd surgery since coming into our care. (I believe it will make something like his 6th total surgery in his life.) As a mother, it's very difficult to realize how much Wiggle has had to endure without the love and care we now give him. Since he didn't come to us til' he was three years old, he's really been through a lot, without us. That is something that I know Heavenly Father will make up for us, in the next life. Wiggle is so brave! He's everlastingly happy most of the time, and he entertains us! He has struggled to eat his whole life, and as part of the many good things this surgery will do for him, we are hoping that it helps him talk and eat better! We will keep you posted! Please start praying for him! Surgeries like this, always make Mama nervous! Thanks! :0)


  1. I kid you not...our appointment lasted TWO minutes! And the doctor hadn't even looked at the nasoendoscopy that had been done by the nurse practitioner! UGH! This doctor is makin' me crazy! :)

  2. {{{HUGS!}}} What a trooper your little guy is!!! Your Dr. is making me crazy, too! Can you get a new one???


  3. LOL! I haven't been able to find a new cranial surgeon so far! It's (shocker, I know) MAKIN' ME CRAZY! I think my only other options are also in his same practice and something about me seeing one of them just seems to scream "Wacko Patient!" I don't want them to think I am the nutty one, ya' know?! Anyway...we shall see if this doctor changes his tune after he sees the nasoendoscopy. Hmmmm... :0)