Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Really Spoke to Me Today

I read THIS today, and nodded my head through most of what I read! Having some children who have been drug, alcohol and cigarette smoke exposed, brings about issues and challenges that are tough to work through sometimes! (Not to mention other issues of a genetic or hereditary nature, from their birth parents and families.) I am especially grateful to be homeschooling our children, and softening life experiences for them, that require more care and concern, more softness and understanding than the outside world is capable of giving them. As you read the post above, pay particular attention to the letter written from the perspective of a child who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I am quite sure that at least two of our children have been affected by the use of alcohol by their birth mothers, while in utero. Three of our children have static encepholopathy--also known as cerebral palsy. I loved how this letter described why mother's of kiddo's with these issues, are seen by others as overprotective and paranoid. I have been treated this way many times, by others. It's not an easy road to walk, but it's one that I must walk nonetheless. My children need me to watch over and protect them. I have a motherly stewardship over them, that outsiders or even well meaning individuals will never have. I am grateful that as spirit children in heaven, they were so eager to receive a body, that they jumped for joy, at the opportunities to receive the bodies they have, fully knowing that these bodies would be broken in ways that are not obviously noticeable to others. Talk about a mission! Their mission is more difficult than I could imagine, and yet they walk through life each day, with an incredible amount of grace and patience with their lives and with me. I have had wonderful discussions with our kiddo's about the choices their birth parents made (good and bad), and how those choices have affected their lives (good and bad.) I am grateful to be a part of stopping the cycle that many of their birth parents were part of, and to be teaching our children love and empathy for their birth parents, while also discussing the first-hand examples in their own lives, of why drugs and alcohol are bad and wrong. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts about this today, as it just spoke very strongly to me. Thank you to my friend Heather, for sharing this with me. It went straight to my heart!

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  1. You are a courageous mother, with a huge heart. I know your children and your children's children will forever bless your name!