Thursday, May 19, 2011


Is it still Spring??? In our neck of the woods, we usually define our seasons in terms of "Hot" or "Hotter." (With a short time of "Cool" mixed in!) :0) I love new matter when those seasons change. Life for our family, doesn't usually follow the changing of the seasons of nature, rather, we live life at our own speed and pace and it changes as it will. Sometimes I LOVE that! Sometimes, not so much! LOL :0) What I am loving about right now, is that there is some "New" in the air! No, I am not talking about a new car or a new hairstyle or a new outfit. I am talking about new ideas and paradigm shifts (which seem to always occur for me. Sometimes I get a little dizzy!) :0) I am talking about being enlightened and receiving answers to prayers both uttered and pondered, and getting one step closer to feeling like we are on OUR way to where WE need to go!

It used to scare me to think about traveling on life's journey all by our lonesome. But the really great part is, that while we are definitely not on anyone else's path, we have the peace of knowing lots of other families and friends who are headed to the same place as we are! They just have to take their own path to get there! Belonging to a community of like-minded families is the COOLEST thing ever! There has been no judgement or criticism, just love and support! Principles are cool like that! They provide a framework that can be built upon in so many beautiful, inspiring and tailored ways. For me, this new place we are building has been through a few re-model's along the way. Conveyor belt ideas that were tossed away, seem to always have a way of sneaking into our new "color scheme." And sometimes, they have a pretty tricky way of trying to match the new "paint samples" we've chosen. (No thanks to the adversary.) Before you know it, you realize someone or something else is doing some interior decorating at your family's expense! And I'm talking EXPENSIVE! My goodness, it's cost me sleepless nights and confusion, headaches ( from banging my head on walls that didn't want to come down), and some sweat (from trying to stay on that darn conveyor belt) and tears from sheer exhaustion and overwhelm. My oh my! Ugh! (You get the picture!) LOL :0)

I am learning that life is all about movement! I used to get so down on myself about situations where I'd feel like I had it all figured out and then some element of our situation would change even slightly, and flip it all upside down again. I am learning to give myself permission to go with the flow of life. I am learning that I CANNOT COMPLICATE things. I HAVE TO KEEP IT SIMPLE! I am learning about THE 1% Principle and that I can't do everything at once! I am learning to cast off the opinions and expectations of the outside world and trust what I know is right. It's a process. I learn every day. The best part is, I think I am finally starting to listen and not fight it so much. While the world around me, wants to rush at the speed of chaos, I am drawn back to simpler times. I have such a pull toward learning about the early saints of the church. It pulls at me so strongly. I know that I have a great responsibility to help our children LOVE that kind of world and shun the chaotic world of today. I know that my most important responsibility is to teach them to know and love the gospel of Jesus Christ and to live it with purity and simplicity. It's about time that this old world gets back to basics and simpler times. I have realized that I can't and shouldn't feel obligated to teach our children about everything. How could I? I have to focus on the right 1%, one thing at a time. I have to think in a new way! (Speaking of new...we are pursuing the adoption of our last little one! I'll keep you posted!)

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