Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Children Lose Teeth in Odd Ways

Cuddle Bug is only 5, but already has a history of losing teeth much sooner than he should, by about a year. He lost his first tooth when he was four. He's now at it again! :0) His upper front tooth has been hanging on by the strongest thread EVER, for 2 or 3 weeks now. It cracks me up! it's quite loose and though it's a tooth he shouldn't lose til' he's more like 7 or 8, he has allowed me to wiggle it silly to try and get it out, and still...nothing. It hangs lower than all of his other teeth now, and was loosened by his older brother who thought that when he saw Cuddle with his wooden toy cowboy gun in his mouth, he'd just yank it out. I told them both never to do that again! (No toys in the mouth and no yanking things out of someone else's mouth.) LOL :0)

Today Cuddle and Wiggle had an altercation of sorts. I don't know why or what it was about, but Wiggle decided to bonk Cuddle in the face with his own face, and has now lost his first tooth in the process. Incidentally, that tooth has it's own story. Wiggle was born with it. It's called a natal tooth and has involvement in part of the features that helped to diagnose his genetic disorder. So...now we have a new toothless grin at our house. While the toothless grins are adorable, I DO wish the boys would find less barbaric means of helping each other achieve them! :0)

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  1. AND...Cuddle lost that wiggly tooth finally, last night! LOL :0)