Sunday, May 29, 2011

I LOVE Sundays!

Truth be told, Sunday's really are a hard day of the week for our family! We have church early in the morning and with the usual added measure of drama that naturally occurs in our family circumstances, Sunday's are challenging for us. Mornings at our house usually involve all the fun of gastrointestinal issues, diaper changes, G-tubes, baths (again!), and lots of hair products, etc. But we try, and are rewarded greatly for our efforts! Today was no exception! The children have fallen into the groove of getting down to breakfast, dressing themselves, helping each other get hair products gathered, shoes, socks, you name it. Snug and Luv in particular, are such great helpers!

We arrived late to church, which happens more than we would like. We missed the Sacrament today. (I was very sad about that!) Our lesson in Sunday School however, was brilliant in every way, and I enjoyed the conversation in the class. Our instructor brought in a fig leaf and a fig, and told us about the parable of the fig tree. It relates to hypocrisy. (I was not familiar with this parable, which makes me feel the need to study my scriptures better. It is found in Matthew around Matt. 21 or 22, I believe.) We also talked about how there were some people who tried to tempt the Lord or trick him, by their questions. It was such an intriguing discussion. Anyway...I thoroughly enjoyed her lesson today! Discussions like these, ignite my spirit and are so invigorating!

Next, we had a combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting today, taught by our bishop, about marriage. What a great discussion that was! He spoke to us about trials and asked us to share some of the strengths of our marriage, with the class. I shared that while it's hard for me because I know that I don't take all the responsibilities upon myself that I should, that the Mr. and I share the load, and that we also dream about the future together. (We have strived more, to fulfill our roles in our family, and that has brought blessings, however, with the special needs in our home, we rely on each other to help in our respective responsibilities frequently.) Some other people shared the importance of a sense of humor and good communication, trust and ground rules, etc. The list went on and on. It was a good little discussion and prompted further discussion between Mr. Man and I. I could sense the great love that our bishop has for our ward family, and also the great responsibility he feels to each of us. He told us that there are over 600 members of our ward. We are the largest ward in our stake. This, I did not know. Wow! I cannot imagine the difficulty of his responsibilities. Such service, that he and his family provide to us!
I am grateful that Mr. Man and I have recently renewed our commitment to attend the temple together! We had a lovely time at the temple on our anniversary, and enjoyed hearing the words of truth there again. We have set a realistic goal of attending the temple once a month together. I am grateful to be dreaming with him, about the possibility of building our own home together, and designing it modestly, for the needs of our family! I am grateful for the idea that our home can be a temple and that we can keep the world away.

I LOVE Sundays, and have been trying to remind myself that it is the start of my week instead of the end of it. I am trying to remember to keep things simple and to be an example of humility, love, kindness and charity to our children. I love this gospel! I am ever grateful to my mother, for taking my sister and I to church each Sunday, by herself, so that I could have the strong testimony I have today. I am grateful that Heavenly Father created this day and then showed us by example how we should act on this day. He rested. He gives us an opportunity each week, to rest from our labors and cares, to ponder and pray and to re-commit ourselves to serve Him through the coming week!

I am grateful to a wonderful husband who is an exceptional father to our children. He whispered to me today, that he feels a little out of place when he talks to other guys either at church or at work. Most of them talk about sports and know all the players names. The Mr. commented that he doesn't know all their names, because he doesn't watch t.v. and doesn't follow those kinds of things. I sensed a twinge of a longing to fit in, from him and leaned over to whisper in his ear, "You may not know a lot about sports or other things that most guys talk about, but you are an exceptional husband and father, and I would be willing to bet that you excel more than they do in those areas!" He then commented about that one of the assets in our marriage and family, is that we are trying to build an environment where love and learning can flourish. How true and how important that is! How I love my Mr. Man! He sacrifices a lot, to be the knight in shining armor, that he is to me and our children. We are SO blessed to have him! His service to our family is priceless and I and the children feel honored and blessed that he loves us so much! I am grateful that Sundays can remind us of these blessings.


  1. We also had the hypocrasy lesson which was great. We also had combined for the last hour, but ours was on not being judgmental. It started with Shakespeare and the "To be or not to be" thing and the answer from the scriptures of being like "I AM". It was a much needed lesson for many in our midst and for us to hear being taught.

  2. Awesome! It always amazes me to know that the same things are being taught no matter where we are! The gospel is true and it is for everyone! :0)