Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How A Squished Bird On My Car Turned Out to Be Refreshing

No...I am NOT kidding about the squished bird on my car. For some reason, freeways and I don't ever mesh well. I always get hit in the windshield with something. Usually it's rocks. Today it was a bird on the grill of the car. YUCK and YIKES and DOUBLE YUCK! And just for good measure.."Ewwwwwwww gross!" Add to that, the fact that I had no choice but to leave it stuck to my car for pretty much the whole day, and you've got one really cooked bird! (See the afore mentioned descriptive words to describe this situation.) :0) 2 car washes later and it's still not quite gone. The Mr. will be my rescuer and clean up the rest of it. (I hope!) :0) Boy, am I glad about that!

It's funny how these kinds of situations have been defining my day recently. A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning up dinner after a day that was just crazy and as I picked up the bag of grated Parmesan cheese, to put it away, I grabbed the wrong end and dumped it on the floor. Thus...that day became known as a "Cheesy Floor Day", because it described quite accurately, the kind of day I had been having. Today is no different. I have had just the sort of day you would call a "Squished Bird Stuck To My Car", kind of day. Drivers were rude to me on the road, I got lost 3 or 4 times, I was running late for important doctor's appointment for Wiggle, only to wait in their waiting area past the time of our appointment. And the squished bird just summed it all up. THEN...I stopped at the store on the way home with Wiggle and we ran in for some things. In the checkout, he was being impatient and wiggly and whiny and kept getting into my purse. When I asked him to stop getting in my purse, he didn't want to mind and so I told him to please fold his arms in his lap and have a time out for a moment. When he started to talk back and whine again, I looked at him and just said "I know you are tired but you need to be respectful, please." The cashier said "Well, that's quite refreshing! I have heard parents tell their children to behave but it's great to hear a parent ask their child to be respectful!" He said "There need to be more parents in this world like you!" That made my day! And THAT'S how a "Squished Bird Day" became refreshing! The End


  1. Nice! It is good to get compliments in public rather than everyone staring at you and muttering under their breath.

    A bird is better than a deer. We barely missed hitting three deer last night, on two separate occasions. The animals are all running around like mad with all the crazy storms.

  2. Oh my goodness, Celeste! I bet those storms are sending everyone for a loop! I agree, that compliments and positive speaking are always nice! I have had some pretty rude comments and questions from random strangers in stores, etc. People crack me up! :0)