Monday, May 2, 2011

From the Mouths of Angels

Naptime is over. Everyone is awake, with the exception of Cuddle Bug who is still snoozin'. Miss Ladybug walked up to me at my desk and pointed to the picture of Jesus that hangs in front of me and started a wonderful, little conversation about Him. She asked a few times, why He was crucified and then said "I like Him in our house." We talked a little about it and then I asked her "Do you love Him?" She said "Yeah...He lives by me." She is SO precious...and I have no doubt that the Savior lives right by her everyday! What a very profound thing for her to say! I am quite sure the veil is very thin for her, and that she remembers sitting on His knee in heaven before she came here. I am also sure, that she hears His sweet whispers to her, through the Spirit. How very blessed we are, to be surrounded by angels! :0)

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  1. Too precious! Out of the mouths of babes we can discover great truths.