Monday, May 16, 2011

Figuring It Out

I have found myself really pondering that "box", that I spoke of a few posts back. You know... the one I felt like we've been living in as of late. The box that has been holding us back a bit. The box that has made us feel limited and caged, so to speak. I am slowly starting to figure out what was making me feel that way. It involves too little personal revelation and spiritual prompting from the Lord, and too much thinking that things HAVE to be a certain way, despite taking into account, personal family dynamics. I have purged things and then put some of them back. I have pushed ideas out of my head and then invited some of them back in. In short, I have tried too hard, to "over-headgate" our lives. Is there such thing, you ask??? :0) Yes...there is. LOL The Mr. and I, have realized that we've currently closed all the headgates that need closing for our family. We had closed too many, and had to open a couple of them back up. The neat part is, that we are opening them in ways that still provide the environment we want to create in our family and home. (For example, we've realized that our kiddo's are not yet at a point where they will get "bored enough to pick up a book and beg to read." Our kiddo's need a few more creative art supplies, besides just crayons and notebooks, if we want them to learn about the possibilities of creativity, and we've realized that books with pictures are not only okay, but necessary for our family right now.) :0) I am just figuring out how OUR kids need to be inspired, and just trying to stick to that. It's exciting to finally feel like we are climbing out of that box. I am going to slowly start going through The Closet Mastery program by Mary Ann Johnson, and I really feel like that's the avenue I need to follow right now. I think the Headgates article and Q and A's really helped our family get headed where we want to go, and now it's time to really tailor our learning environment to the unique circumstances of our family. It's time to get inspired again! I really feel like we headgated our inspiration right out the door. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely still LOVE the Headgate article by Brian and Kerri Tibbets! She is AMAZING! I have just had to really ponder the differences between her family and ours, and then seek guidance from Heavenly Father about how to proceed for our family. THIS is precisely why I LOVE that Leadership Education is principle based! EVERY home and family will apply those principles in different ways and we just have to find what works for us! I am glad that we are finally figuring it out! :0)


  1. LOVE IT! Isn't it funny how those of us educated on the conveyor belt seem to always try to create new conveyor belts out of basic principles? Oh, man-- I do it ALL the time! I constantly have to remind myself that it's all about the Lord inspiring us on what we should do for each child, and then we customize all the great resources available to us.

    Thank YOU for reminding me of this today, Ranee! I really needed it!


  2. Hugs back! :0) Thank you for inspiring me, Rachel! I SO appreciate your friendship! :0)