Sunday, May 22, 2011

Drivin' and Learnin'

Yesterday, we went for a drive for the afternoon! I just LOVE doing stuff like that as a family! It reminds me of being a kid, when we would go for drives on Sunday afternoons. We have been starting to look for property that we could purchase that either has a home already on it, (which would work well for our family) or that has no home on it, in which case we'd build one. It's fun to dream, but the Mr. and I are trying to be very prayerful about it all. We have some big ideas and plans for our future (nothing gigantic...just big) which will help us to continue to be self sufficient, provide our family with the environment we desire for our homeschooling and family lifestyle circumstances, and which will help us to start better planning for our future and the future of each of our kiddo's! It's fun and exciting to think about each of our futures and what we can do now to help them be the best they can be down the road!

In other news...Miss Ladybug had an x-ray taken, last week, of her digestive tract and was found to have moderate build up in her intestines. As you may remember, she has Gastroparesis, which means her digestive tract doesn't move and this causes constipation, vomiting and a feeling of fullness which means that she really doesn't ever feel like eating anything. (Sorry for those of you who are a little grossed out by some of these details.) :0) Anyway...let's just say that a Miralax clean out (which I have had the grand opportunity of helping Wiggle through a few times before), is not quite the party any of us would like it to be! It definitely gives new meaning to the term "Party Pooper!" We are unfortunately unable to attend church this week, due to this clean out taking place. I still marvel though, at her grace and sweetness through all of the unpleasant things she deals with in her little life. She is the very definition of meekness--the act of possessing quiet strength. She has accepted the challenges in her young life, with astounding courage and clarity. Do I think she understands why her life is full of these struggles? I know that her Spirit does, in her own small way. Do I think she knows that her life could be different than it is. No. Her body is challenged and broken in so many ways, and yet I am quite sure that she doesn't feel broken. She is just a girl on a mission from her Father in Heaven, and she's got lots to do while she's here. That gives me an incredible amount of peace! And I know that though she is considered one of the least in this world, she will be one of the greatest in the next! I can't wait to be tutored by her in the eternities. I am certainly blessed by all she is teaching me now!

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