Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time Away

I've been pondering this week, about a lot of things. My family really needs my undivided attention right now. We have some neat changes taking place and I need to spend time understanding how it will all work. :0) It really hit me, when Jodie Palmer talked to us at the Mom's Retreat about how our time should be spent, in reference to our families. (See The Parenting Pyramid from the Arbinger Institute.) As much as I want to keep this blog going, because I have such a strong desire to help other families with special needs kiddo's (and such a strong desire to learn from them and connect to them, as well), it's just time to be in life right now, and nowhere else. I am going to try life without blogging for a while, and watch my computer time decrease and see what wonderful results come of it. I'll still pop in and see what other fellow bloggers are up to. Or maybe I won't. :0) You can all email me at kermitcrew(at)gmail(dot)com. (Please don't flood my email with non essential things. I am happy to help with questions as they relate to special needs, homeschooling or foster care, etc.) I will definitely enjoy this time away! :0)

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