Friday, April 15, 2011

New Inspiration and Ideas

I know, I's completely insane for me to be up this late! But tonight I just have to put a few things down on paper (so to speak), that I have already learned from the amazing first day of the Mom's Retreat!

1. Look up everything about the Arbinger Institute. ( I just keep hearing about it and it's time I check this out for myself!)
We learned about the Parenting Pyramid (again...I've heard this all before)and it's great information.

2. What kind of stories are we telling our children about themselves, our families about themselves, and ourselves, about ourselves?? (Hope that made sense.) Much more about this later! Oh...and BTW, the Mr. and I are speaking in church on Sunday, so I'll let you know how the remainder of the weekend goes, this Monday or Tuesday! Lot's to do and learn! :0)

p.s. I'll happily call myself "Sunshiny"! (More on this later, too!)


  1. Hey, Sunshiny-Ranee!!! :-D

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in making the Retreat come to fruition. I'm still on Cloud Nine, and my husband and I are planning an Epic Adventure for our family right now!

    Such an amazing weekend-- THANK YOU!!!

  2. It really was wonderful, wasn't it?! I can't take any credit for it, though! I helped with registration and kitchen crew, and other than that, it was lots of other great women who pulled it off! I can't wait to hear more about the epic adventure you take your family on! We are currently trying to come up with "Our Family Story"...what we're all about! And...that part of my mission that really relates to special needs kiddo's, got a new boost at the retreat! (More on that later!)

  3. I'm so sad I can't be there too. Boo hoo! :-( I miss you guys!

  4. We miss you too, Celeste! :0)