Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspired Laundry

You may or may not remember that I had decided I was going to pray about how to get our laundry done, around here. :0) Two days ago, I found myself remembering when President and Sister Solomon spoke to us at a HIP Night earlier this year, and she had mentioned to us about how she had received inspiration from Heavenly Father, about how she could best accomplish the task of getting the laundry done in their family. The kicker of it all was...she wouldn't tell us what that was, because she said we needed to pray and ask Heavenly Father that question ourselves. I loved that eye-opening A-ha! moment from that night! We can pray and ask Heavenly Father to help us with anything...evem silly laundry! :0) I am here to tell you, that it's true! :0) As I was switching the laundry, two days ago, I suddenly realized that we no longer have a problem with how to get the laundry done. Without any big, inspirational moment, and without even having to try and fail at system after system...our laundry is getting done each day! I asked Heavenly Father for help, and He is helping us! It's a small miracle, but a miracle to me nonetheless! In a world as huge and vast as ours, He heard my prayers about the laundry! How grateful I am, for the knowledge that there isn't anything to silly to ask Heavenly Father for help with! He truly does hear and answer prayers...and sometimes in subtle ways! :0)


  1. I love how we can get inspiration for the small things. So many times I find myself only looking to the Lord for the big stuff. Thanks for sharing your small miracle!

  2. I am usually that same way...always thinking that the small burdens are mine to carry alone! :0) I am grateful for HIP Nights, and all of the ideas and support I have, from friends who are taking the same kind of journey that we are taking for our family! Hugs to you, Celeste! :0)

  3. Oh, wow-- I LOVE this!!! Seriously, I am going to try this. I want some laundry angels at my house, too! :-)

    Thanks for sharing this, Ranee. My laundry list-- pun intended-- is out of control. Why did I think of that?!