Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gospel Learning

As I continue to ponder the direction our learning should take, here in our home and family, I am always brought back to gospel learning. I am still pondering where to start and what to do, with regard to that. Just trying to find inspirational ways to present gospel learning to our children, that doesn't feel too scheduled or "conveyor belt." It will start with more consistent devotional time in the mornings, and also include my "Gold Mine", of sharing what I am learning and studying with the children. I found a wonderful timeline (so to speak), in one of my binders the other day, that recommends study of a gospel topic, which then coincides with study of a modern day topic. For example, it recommends that you study Pre-mortal Life, along with learning about Time...or that the Betrayal and Crucifixion of our Savior is studied with learning about Rome and the Romans. It is a four page list, and sounds very interesting. I feel like it's too structured in a way, but am running into the issue with pretty much everything. I don't want our gospel studies to just be random things (though that would still be wonderful), instead I think that we could stick with our gospel studies a little better, if there were some format to follow along with. Hmmm...just trying not to be too "conveyor-belt-ish" with this, though. I figure, if I am the one studying this time line and then sharing it with the kiddo's as "mine", maybe that would be inspiring to them without seeming too structured. What do ya' think?? I'd love some input on this! All of our kiddo's are still in core phase. Maybe I need to go more the route of "play", with them and help them learn about the gospel through play. I just want them to understand that reverence about gospel things is important. Hmmmm...more pondering to do. I'll keep ya' posted!

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