Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Session of General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

How I LOVE and NEED conference! It is so fitting, to me, that it happens bi-annually, right along with our 6 Month "No" and "Purge"! In particular, this morning, 2 talks really stood out to me: Sister Jean A. Stevens' talk about looking to children as our examples, and Elder Kent F. Richards' talk about the purpose of pain. I have always known I should look to my children as my examples, but it is a great reminder to me! As far as pain is concerned, I have pondered this topic continuously in reference to the pain and difficulties my children bear, in particular, Ladybug. This talk had significant meaning for me. I have asked my husband the question of "Can't the Atonement cover the pain she is feeling?" We had recently talked about this. I am grateful for the understanding that Elder Richards' talk gave me today, about the purpose of pain and especially for the sweet story he told about the girl who saw angels around her, while in surgery. She said that all the children in the intensive care unit at her hospital, had angels in the room helping them. I know this is true for our children! I have often commented at their ability to weather the storms of health problems that they do, with such patience and grace. They amaze me! If I ever struggle with health problems in my life, I hope to do so with the grace and patience of my children!

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