Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Best "Cooker", and a little ditty about a Well

Our evening around the dinner table (so to speak...we don't have enough kitchen chairs for us to all get around the dinner table so the kids are at a little picnic table), went a little something like this:

Mom serves a nutrition dinner of blue box mac and cheese (Ugh!)
Cuddle Bug says "Mmm Mom, you're the best cooker!"
I say, " If you think this is good, you should try my homemade mac and cheese!"
Snug says "What's in that recipe??"
I say "Two ingredients...Macaroni...and cheese!"

While I was preparing this delightful meal, Snug favored us all with his favorite hymn. Here is how his version goes (see if you can guess the real hymn):
"Push yer' children down the well, push along!"
I just love my kiddo's! They crack me up!:0)

P.S. At bedtime tonight, Wiggle asked lots of questions about the Savior and his crucifixion and resurrection. Cuddle joined in, for a wonderful little talk about how much Jesus loves us and all the He endured in our behalf. How I LOVE little moments like that! :0)

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  1. Shoulder to a wheel, children down the well... At least he picked a good hymn...LOL