Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time to Breathe

I have been frustrated with the medical world lately. It's SO hard to be the mother of children who have special needs! I always walk that line between worrying too much and not enough, about their issues and needs and struggles with things. Without going into too much detail (because frankly I don't have the energy for it), let's just say that a recent conversation with a new nurse (and by new, I mean a new one I've never dealt with before), made me feel stupid in my phone conversation with her. I called and left a message because the Mr. and I have been concerned about some things going on with Miss Ladybug. It always bugs me when nurses call back, and it's obvious they've never read the chart and they think they know everything and that you've called them because you know nothing. (Pardon the vent!) :0) There is a delicate balance between being actively involved in the medical care of your special needs child, and not being active enough. Why is it so hard to walk that line?? Mr. Man and I stop to ponder where our kiddo's would be and how they would be doing if they weren't here with us. Those thoughts are scary to us! Not because we are perfect, but because we know how real their issues are. We live them every day! I feel so strongly, that Mr. Man and I are Ladybug's voice. She doesn't talk very much. She doesn't have the ability to tell us where it hurts or if it hurts or how she feels or what happens when she eats or sleeps, etc. We have to be so observant of every aspect of her life, so that we can be prepared to answer all of those questions for her, to the best of our ability, to any doctor or nurse who asks. It's really hard sometimes! So, in our efforts to be the best advocate we can be for her, we occasionally come across medical professionals who don't have a clue--and when that happens, I have to remind myself to take time to breathe, to not let my stomach tie in knots and to not pull my hair out. Because in the end...they only know so much! They don't know it all. Sometimes they just think they do.


  1. {{{{HUGS!!!}}} Hang in there, sweet Ranee! What a wonderful mother you are! It's so hard when those we need help from are more concerned with their pride than they are with helping. *sigh*

    You are an amazing advocate for your little ones. I so admire all you are doing!!!

  2. Thank you so much, Rachel! It is hard not to get discouraged sometimes! :0)