Monday, March 14, 2011

Playing Games

  Friday Night is usually family movie night at our house, and Saturday night is usually family game night.  So this past weekend, Mr. Man taught some of the kiddo's how to play Uno.  But Cuddle Bug can't seem to get the name right.  He's been asking to play it again with his Dad today, but has said "I want to play Numo...I mean Nuno...I mean Beano!"  Yep, you guessed it...the "Beano" name is the one he's stuck on.  He keeps asking to for "Beano"!  Oh brother!  LOL  :0)  He doesn't even know what that really is!  (Oh wait...I just heard a newer word for "Uno" he said "Bingo!"  He's so funny!)  The best thing about this game, is Miss Ladybug has caught on a bit!  She's always been obsessed with colors, and is just starting to learn a few numbers!  This game is really great for that!

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