Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Last night was family movie night!  I was SO VERY proud of my kiddo's when, out of all the Disney movies they had to choose from in our family movie case, they chose Swiss Family Robinson.  THAT is really saying something!  ( I think a movie purge is in order!)  It has been so great to see them recover from their addiction to Disney movies.  (Yes, I know Swiss Family Robinson is a Disney film, but I am talking about all the cartoon movies that have been put out in recent years.)  I can't tell you the last time they ever watched t.v., and the movie thing happens once a week, if that.  So what are they doing right now???  They are running around the loft, calling each other Fritz and Frances, Ernst and Bertie, and pretending to shoot pirates.  It's fantastic!  Miss Ladybug has her pioneer skirt and boots on, and is their quiet comrade in the whole thing.  It's 3 strapping young boys, and her.  Luv Bug (our 6 year old daughter), is quietly coloring.  It's very cute to see them all stand in a circle and hold hands while singing "Oh Christmas Tree!"  (When the boys bring Bertie back to the tree house with them, in the movie, it's Christmas day and they sing this song.)  Such a cute movie and a great way for kiddo's to use their imaginations!  :0)

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