Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ode to Feeding Pump ( x2 )

Oh wondrous feeding pumps of white and blue;
how much the wee two depend on you.
We don't quite know how you do what you do;
But you keep bellies full the whole night through.
You constantly whir like a lullaby...
(what drives me crazy, helps them close their eyes.)
The whole house gets quiet; we drift off to sleep
then you interrupt dreams with that annoying BEEEEEEEEEP!
So up goes the Mr. or up get I;
down the hall we tiptoe with half closed eyes.
We push your buttons (though you push ours more),
then walk back down the hall for a little snore.
Not more than two seconds seem to pass by,
then again we hear your familiar cry.
Your screen says "Clog downstream of pump."
You're turning me into a bit of a grump!
We roll over bodies, untangle the line;
then take a quick glance at the faces that shine.
The wee ones still sleeping, the night is still hushed;
and I go back to bed to await the flush!
(For that means, you stop beeping for a while.)

By Ranee Hansen

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain! That stupid o2 moniture we had for Abbie drove us nuts! It was a love/hate relationship. We were glad she had what she needed to keep her safe but we just about went insane from sleep deprivation! Loveya Girlie!!!!