Thursday, March 10, 2011

Motherly Instincts and Advocation

I am so grateful for our children!  Not just to have children, but for the very children we have.  They are each so special and unique and beautiful!  They are remarkable little beings!  They make me so happy!  Each one adds such love and joy and sheer delight to our lives.  I cannot imagine my life with any other children, than those who I've been blessed to call mine.  Heavenly Father definitely knew what He was doing, when He put our family together!

As a mother, Heavenly Father blesses us with motherly know...that little "mommy voice" that whispers to us, about how to help our kids, how to protect them or about why or how to advocate for them.  I have been ever grateful, for those sweet whisperings of the Spirit, which have helped me to be the best mom I can be.  I am grateful for Heavenly Father's guiding hand in our lives.  He has guided us to therapists and doctors, to programs, sensory integration supplies and tools, essential oils and other important blessings that have helped our kiddo's with various things.  He is ever mindful of all that goes on in our lives.  I know that our family is together by Divine Design.  How grateful I am that we live in this day and age, when so many wonderful, modern achievements help to sustain life.  It is amazing to me, that Ladybug and Wiggle Bug have the ability to thrive in life, because of a loving Heavenly Father, and some amazing, modern blessings.  It is amazing to me, that Snug has the ability to walk and talk, though the odds were stacked against him, because of some much needed therapy.  It is amazing to me, that modern medicine has allowed testing which has helped us to stave off allergic reactions for Cuddle, which might otherwise end his life if not avoided.  It is amazing to me, that some very important techniques give us healthy options for offering calming and sensory integration for 2 little girls who need it.  I have gratitude for my many blessings, and mostly for the fact that Heavenly Father made me just the way I am.  Because me being just the way I am, has made me the mother that I am, and I am a good mother.  I am a good mother also, because I have an excellent husband and fantastic children!  How sweet it is!  :0) 
I know that our kiddo's have amazing missions to fulfill in this life!  I am grateful for the trust that my Heavenly Father has placed in me, to be their mother for specific reasons.  He knew that I was the right girl for the job!  That confidence, makes all the difference in the world.

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