Monday, March 21, 2011

How Much Can One Heart Take?

I just finished reading a remarkable book called Emma and Joseph: Their Divine Mission, by Gracia N. Jones, who is closely related to Joseph Smith. I read the last couple of chapters aloud to my Mr. He served his mission in Illinois and has a great love for the prophet Joseph Smith. I am in awe at the meekness, or quiet strength that Emma had. She and Joseph had a very special relationship. They endured so much together...and then, after he was gone, she lived and endured a long life without him. She was so giving and so faithful. She had such a desire to do Heavenly Father's will, and to be worthy to maintain her place by Joseph's side. She was a wonderful mother and a caring, serving sister to all who needed her service. I honor and reverence her, and am truly amazed at what she endured in her lifetime. Mr. Man and I had a wonderful, heartfelt and tear filled discussion at the things we learned in this book, and would absolutely recommend that you read it. It will strengthen your testimony of Joseph Smith, Emma Smith and the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. I also LOVE this: (Especially when Mindy Gledhill sings the beautiful song at the end.) Enjoy! :0)

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