Friday, March 4, 2011

Hospital Trip and Other Stuff

I am happy to say that it's been a while since one of our little ones has had a trip to the hospital.  Today, I am taking our youngest in, for a routine procedure regarding her G.I. tract.  She is G-tube fed, and though we offer food at meal times, she doesn't eat a thing.  (Any occasional bite she takes is a BIG celebration in our house.)  :0)  We are going today, to see if her G.I. tract is moving like it should.  Wish us luck!  She sure is a cutie, and we'd love to get her eating better.  If her tract isn't moving like it should, I am not exactly sure what they can do to help her, but her doctor will let us know what's what, when we see him again soon.  It would be so great to be able to get her off the tube someday.  We just have a long way to go before that happens.  Recently at an appointment, we found out that our youngest son (who is also G-tube fed), gained too much weight!  (Is there such a thing with a tube fed kiddo?)  :0)  So we've backed down his feeds at night, and are encouraging him to eat more by mouth during the day!  He has a sub-muccosal cleft palate that we will see if we can get repaired, later this month.  I really believe that if we can get that fixed, he'll be able to stop gagging and start eating better!  Would you mind keeping these cuties in your prayers?  Thanks!  :0)

  In other news about Miss Ladybug (our youngest daughter), she is also really struggling with Periodic Limb Movement Disorder again.  These symptoms had dissipated for a while, but are back in full force.  She's been thrashing in her bed at night, screaming, waking up in the middle of the night, sweating like's really sad.  She's been known for having chronic sleep disturbance and used to be a really poor napper, but has been sleeping in more in the mornings and napping better during the day.  She tells me her legs, feet, arms and hands hurt.  (We don't know if she's really feeling pain or if it's a creepy-crawly feeling.)  Meds. we've tried in the past, either didn't work or caused more pain.  I've sought many sleep studies, (I think we're up to four or five now), which don't provide any life altering results or recommendations for her.  It breaks my heart for her.  I know that she puts up with a lot that none of us even understand, since she can't really tell us a lot about her body or how she feels.  I do believe that she is one of the most patient people in this world.  So, when ya' pray about G.I. issues, would ya' throw in a prayer about Ladybug's sleep too?!  I appreciate it. :0)

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