Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Herbs, Headgates and Heaven On Earth

These three things keeps swirling around in my mind lately. I am giving Ladybug all of these herbs that were recommended by the wonderful Reflexologist/Kinesiologist we saw the other day, and I suppose I'd better figure out just what they do and how they benefit the body. I sort of feel like I am in unknown territory right now, and want to know all that I can about what I am giving her and why it is helping her so well! (Mr. Man and I keep pinching ourselves and asking "Is it just me, or is she talking better?" I really think her speaking is improving!) This is exciting! At her appointment the other day, we basically found out that her whole endocrine system is messed up. Plus...there was the whole parasite thing, that I'd rather not talk about. (Her body is apparently full of them!) Yikes! Anyway...I am on a quest to understand more about herbs and herbal remedies!

Headgates, Headgates, Headgates! There are lots of thoughts swirling through my mind about all I have read! I just cant wait to hear Kerri Tibbets speak to us at the Mom's Retreat! I am praying to know and understand how this should look in our family, and also how best to truly inspire the children in ways they can understand and get excited about! I think I need to re-read parts of the article again today, and take some notes!

With all that is going on in the Middle East, my thoughts have been turned to Israel today. I don't claim to understand a lot about politics or Israel or the Middle East, but I am saddened that our country's friendship with Israel is hanging in the balance, where it was once strong. The last days truly are here, and our Savior will soon come! This I know! I have been pondering about what our family should be doing to keep priorities in order and to understand how best to prepare ourselves and truly create a heaven on earth, away from the world. I've been pondering about the knowledge our children need to be armed with. If there is anything I am understanding more each day, it's that the world outside our door, thinks they have all of the answers...but they don't. The further away the world drifts from Heavenly Father and our Savior, the more scary that world becomes. I am grateful for the opportunity to keep my children "at my skirt", as the pioneer women of old did. Some of the most thought provoking and beautiful pictures and stories I've seen and heard, have always been the ones where the children cling tightly to their mother's skirts. I don't want the world to be their teachers, exposing them to atrocities beyond belief. I want to teach them to know their Savior when He comes again! If I can do this, they will have all the knowledge that they need, and they will grow into mothers and fathers who teach their children to cling to their skirts, love their God and stand for freedom, honor and virtue! This is my prayer!

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