Monday, March 28, 2011

Alternative Care

So I took Miss Ladybug to a Reflexologist/Kinesiolist today. The medical world is not helping her. The lady that we saw today, was very nice and seemed to really know her stuff! She came highly recommended by some family members! She put Ladybug's stomach back in the right place. (Who knew your stomach can move to the wrong spot???) She said it was up close to her rib cage and was supposed to be much lower, so she put it back. This is supposed to rid Lady of Acid Reflux and help with her gastroparesis. She basically told us that Lady's whole endocrine system is out of whack and also told us that she has a huge problem with internal parasites. Nice! So we are trying the natural care route with Ladybug, to see how it all works out. I am excited because with this new regimen she is on, it should help her with things she is deficient in. Keep her in your prayers, would you? Thanks! I'll keep ya' posted! :0) I am secretly a little worried about what to tell her doctor's about why we are trying her off of her 2 medicines for a couple of months. We just want to try something different, so we can know that we've tried everything to help her. :0)

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