Saturday, February 19, 2011


I spent some time with a friend, who I met at Walmart 3 years ago in the restroom, of all places.  I was there helping my kiddo's in and out of our 4 seat stroller, and she asked if I did foster care.  We started up a conversation and I found out that she was just starting the process to become a licensed foster parent, with her husband and family.  Fast forward to about 5 months ago...I ran into her at the children's hospital where were both attending appointments for kiddo's.  She now has a beautiful, foster daughter (who she is now in the process of adopting), who has various special needs.  She's beautiful!  It was my privilege to stop by her home last night, and help her through the process of paperwork for the adoption.  She is so grateful for my help!  I am so glad to help her!  Foster care was a part of our lives for 5 years straight.  It feels good to help someone else through the process!

  Speaking of helping...we have 5 little helpers who are going to join us in some family work and errands today!  I was telling my friend last night, that we try to teach our kiddo's to develop their "discipline muscle", so they know that when life gets hard...they can accomplish difficult tasks.  We were also talking about helping our children, by allowing them to use some of their "qwerks" to their advantage.  For example, our youngest daughter has sensory issues and (unofficial) OCD.  She is awesome at cleaning baseboards!  She loves to put a wash cloth on her fingers and trace the baseboards back and forth.  What works for her, works for us and she get's that sense of pride in a job well done!  It's great!  So today...we have a volunteer who wants to help Dad clean out the garage, we have a refrigerator which is screaming to be cleaned and we have lots of tiny, eager helpers ready to make it fun!  Some of our greatest conversations occur while we are cleaning!  It kind of reminds me of that song from White Christmas..."The best things happen while you're dancing..."  Whether it's dancing or cleaning, the key to the "best" part about it, is being together as a family! There should be some great conversations today!  I'll keep ya' posted!


  1. Great post, Ranee! It's a wonderful thing that you're letting your kids make real, appreciated contributions to your home and family. Talk about win-win-win! :-) So inspiring!

  2. Ok for some reason my comments aren't staying when I post them to blogs. The one I had posted here was a funny one with an off handed comment about how you must LOVE to meet people at stores. ;) But alas, it disappeared. (sigh)
    Anyway, i am glad that you're getting to share your expirience with ther adopting families (and making new friends)!
    Love ya Girlie!

  3. Thank you Erica! So great to hear from you! Love you too! Your family is so wonderful! :0)