Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart Power, Will Power and Submissiveness

I was reading the other night, about will power, and why it doesn't always work. As human beings, we make promises to ourselves, that we will be and do better, and then (if you are anything like me), we fall short and need to re-commit again. I read recently, a little bit about "HEART POWER". I learned that because we are human, if we try to do everything on our own, through sheer strength of will, we will always fall short because we are imperfect. Heart power refers to asking Heavenly Father for the desire to DESIRE a change of some sort. I loved that idea and realized that's why will power doesn't work. Will power is a battle against ourselves or the "natural man". Heart Power is asking the Lord to change our hearts to be aligned with His, and then finding success because our wills for ourselves become His will for us! As I try to be more submissive, I am finding that a quiet assurance comes. I guess the older I get, the more I realize that there is very little in this world I can control. Why kick against the pricks? Heavenly Father has a mission for my life, and I can dawdle all day long, but in the end, I will only find peace and serenity, as I accept and honor His will for me! So...I am working on being submissive and in tuning my heart to sing Thy praise, as the song says! (I LOVE Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing!) And I am finding more faith every day! Simplifying life is such a blessing! If we find out what the essentials are for our lives, and live them, life is do-able! Even if we do it one day at a time!

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