Monday, February 28, 2011

Extra Chores and Extra Smiles

The Mr. and I had a great FEC meeting yesterday!  We spent some time in intensive study of Nicholeen Peck's book Parenting: A House United!  It was a great meeting, and we came away with a game plan for our family!  (I think part of the pull I've been feeling lately, involves the need for reviewing my TJEd books and my Self-Government stuff!)  This meeting occurred after a great family meeting with the kiddo's, who all offered input about some concerns in our house lately.  The cutest concern voiced was, of course, from Ladybug, who said "Ummmm...I like Minnie and Mickey!"  (She carries these stuffed animals everywhere around our house.)  We talked about some issues we've been having with lying and tattling and whining, lately, to name a few.  Today was the first day of intense focus on Self-Government principles.  We had fallen out of some important habits and just needed a refresher course about it all. has our day been?  Well, one of the kiddo's had gone through the whole Rule of Three and lost his privileges for 24 hours, before we even got downstairs for breakfast this morning, then proceeded to remain "Un-Calm" so long, that the loss of privileges didn't actually start til' this afternoon.  Yikes!  I keep reminding myself about the part from Nicholeen's book that says "You don't mind crying, right?"  I am loving how this system really is helping our kiddo's with various issues.  From chronic whining, to tantrums and raging, to a kiddo' who will help more with chores now because, "I don't want to get extra chores, mom...AND I'm five now!"  Ya' gotta' love that, right?!  So, there have been lots of extra chores today, and a couple of kiddo's needed a calming time out, but there are surprisingly, some extra smiles today.  I have been excited because after our intensive study, yesterday, I feel like I know this stuff better than I did a year ago, and the kiddo's are excited because there is more consistency around here!  Yay Us! day down....only 14 more to go, to make this all a great habit for our family. (It takes 15 times of doing most things, to make it a habit.)  So far, so good!

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